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Learning curves
Follow Dave Roberts’ experimentation with laminae to work strong, curved elements into your making
Spray finishing tutorial
Andy King explains that spraying your work can provide a quicker, better finish on your work. But which spray system should you buy into and what techniques do you need to know for perfect results?
The spirit of Arts & Crafts
You won’t find a man more closely connected to his work than Jeff Segal, who uses hand tools to make his beautiful furniture. You have to check out some of Jeff’s mind boggling joints…
Curved oak desk – Jeff Segal uses pippy oak and hand tools on this elegant build
Media cabinet – a piece fit for plasma screens, games consoles and satellite boxes
Chisel handles – David Oldfield enhances a set of Ashley Iles chisels
Mantelpiece clock – hand tools and laminae
Stair cupboard – Andy King’s tidy project will ensure a perfect landing
Restorer Stephen Simmons explains how to dismantle furniture without losing your nerve
Our new turning guru Les Thorne tells you what you need to know before you start at the lathe
Lee Valley wire bender
Quangsheng block plane
Bosch GSR 18-2-Li drill
Trend draining groove jig
Metabo KS216 mitre saw
Walko-3 Professional workbench
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