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GW225 is an issue with very strong joints, we think. Why? Well, apart from Andy King conducting a thorough exploration of specialist biscuit fixings – a sure guarantee for better joints – there’s our reclaimed wood special with two bedside cabinets made from old mahogany, there’s our nigh-on-revolutionary feature about sawcut veneering (the art of making your own timber) by David Oldfield, as well as our look at the portfolio and working practices of fine furniture whiz Richard Williams. There’s also our new-look Solutions section complete with Maker’s Notes, which collects together questions, answers, and ideas from readers, rolled in with discussion from Get Woodworking.com’s very own forum. Meanwhile, our newest contributor Les Thorne RPT begins his GW adventures with a feature on what you need to start turning.

Also, free inside the March issue is an eight-page show guide for you to pull out in time for the Get Woodworking Live exhibition on 12th to 14th March.

Specialist biscuit fixings and three different-range jointers on test with Andy King. Also, see Around the House for Phil Davy’s comparison of biscuit and pocket hole joinery

Reclaimed wood special – Bernard Greatrix and Leon Osman present two entirely different approaches to using up timber finds, with a pair of mahogany bedside cabinets and an ash table

Richard Williams, the idealist-turned-pragmatist with too many ideas for one man

In this month’s Journeyman, Mike Riley restores a set of ancient moulding planes…

…while in Solutions Dave Roberts sees what he can make of an old scrub plane

Stephen Simmons offers advice on repairing white ring marks and Jeff Gorman explains his method for getting perfect mitre joints

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