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One-man workshop: Johnny Pilgrem uses reclaimed timber for functional furniture

Using scrapers
It’s nonsense to say turners shouldn’t use scrapers, says Richard Raffan, who shows you how

James Krenov
We honour the recently deceased woodworking legend with a special tribute and a Krenovian cabinet built by Phil Edwards

Routers special
Andy King presents essential know-how for good routing and then tests six entry-level routers

Free-style woodwork
Taking a second look at Phil Edwards’ beautiful Krenovian cabinet

The Lombard Cabinets
David Oldfield’s twin Masur birch and Macassar ebony cabinets are truly inspiring

Acoustic guitar
Phil Edwards builds a unique Weissenborn guitar, which is played on your lap with a slide…

Outdoor decking
Restoring some old decking with new steps and fresh staining

Lee Valley bin holders
Startrite 3213 bandsaw
C.I. Fall Chisels
K&T Special: Budget routers 
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