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We’ve been fostering a spirit of adventure in Good Woodworking this month. Not only are we on the road with Stephen Skolnik, who swapped pop music for furniture making, but we’ve travelled back in time in search of the secret art of chisel forging – at least, Henry Taylor Tools’ factory felt like being back in time…

The message is, don’t struggle alone in your workshop; get out there, get inspired, and if you get stuck, give us a shout – darren.loucaides@myhobbystore.com

Stephen Skolnik
The pop star turned furniture maker who says don’t be scared of incredible design  – he’s only been at it six years himself, y’know!

Henry Taylor Tools
Andy King visits the ’shop that time forgot. Find out what goes in to making a fine chisel, the traditional way

Turning Essentials
Sarah Thirlwell discusses the pros and cons of man-made and natural materials, and turns out a pair of bangles in just 20 minutes!

Spectacular dining table: cabinetmaker David Oldfield reveals his tricks of the trade
Trinket box: student Matt Coutts has an eye for sleek curves
Softwood door: Phil Davy walks you through that most practical of builds
Hall mirror: Mike Jordan uses oak and a clever frame-jointing solution

Undo the twist as Jeff Gorman tackles wobbly furniture
Stephen Simmons examines the role of power tools in restoration

Check out Andy King’s latest no-nonsense verdicts…
Empire Toolsave System
Makita RP2301FC router
Dremel mini driver
Durofix RK2095 18V drill driver
Metabo Optal 26 combination machine

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