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Some styles never go out of fashion. Take Shaker; more than two hundred years after Mother Ann Lee led the 'Shaking Quakers' over the Atlantic in search of a religious/political vacuum, the honest beauty of the movement's furniture is still inspiring designers and makers. 

Of course, the Shakers were far more interested in function than fashion, as Phil Whitfeld explains in his colourful tribute - so Martin Aplin gives Shaker's elegant lines the contemporary treatment with a writing desk for now not then.

Aside from the Shakers, Andy King sticks it to the pundits with his look at bevel-edge chisels - which ones are best-suited for which job and is old steel really better than new? One thing you can't argue with is a Rockwell test...

Once you've selected a chisel, you need to be able to prep' it: our Back to Basics on sharpening shows you how in seven steps.

Andy's also been busy testing a range of new power tools - AND we've a Tonino Lamorghini planer and circular saw up for grabs!

Shaker maker
We take a close look at Shaker style with a writing desk from Martin Aplin and a tribute by Phil Whitfeld

You've got the tools, but are they ready for action? Learn to hone an edge without fuss

Bevel-edge chisels
Forget the pundits; what do you really need to know about that most essential of tools?

Lunchtime job
Mike Riley uses beech and black walnut to make a lunchbox fit for a worker's feast! 

Nest of tables
Straight cuts and traditional joinery from Dominic Collings - fine furniture, no faff

Cider press
Put your leftover apples to good use - this is the perfect summer project!

Significant Styles
Martin Aplin uses maple and simple, elegant lines for his Shaker-inspired writing desk

Finishing finesse
Take the steady approach to sanding and staining with Jeff Gorman

The false tenon
Stephen Simmons shows you how to repair a stretcher without dismantling the whole chair

Conclusive findings
The end is in sight Ben Plewes reveals his dovetailing method and considers finishes

Scottish Woodworking Show
Bringing you the highlights from the popular show over the border

Lion's pride
The loose morals of a client test David Oldfield's principles

A step above
After 50 years of stair-making, Bob Logan hasn't stopped learning

Gorilla Precision glue pen
Fox planer/thicknesser
Bahco handsaw
DeWalt mitre saw
Trend T5E-V2 vs Elu 96E
12 bevel-edge chisel sets!

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