The current issue of GW (216) is on sale for one more week. There’s lots to look forward to in GW217, but if you haven’t picked up GW216, here’s a sample of one of the many interesting articles you’re missing out on.
For the past few months we’ve been looking at the fundamentals of turning, thanks to the friendly and helpful teaching turner, Sarah Thirlwell. Here’s a sneak preview of her article on establishing a standard turning tool kit:

“I don’t believe that having the best tools and the best workshop will make you the best turner that ever lived. I think it’s all about imagination, techniques and applications. I have the smallest workshop (well maybe not the smallest – I once visited a professional turner who was turning in a space just 2 x 2m!), but I believe that a problem solved is an experience gained…”

To see the article in full, pick up GW216 while it’s still on the shelves. You won’t be disappointed! Or never miss out again by subscribing here.