Hikoki cordless era

‘The cordless era is here’: that is the message from HiKOKI Power Tools as it continues to promote its brand to professional power tool customers across the globe. 

As part of the launch of the HiKOKI Power Tools brand (formerly Hitachi Power Tools), the company conducted market research in the form of opinion exchanges, surveys and investigations into its customers’ needs.  Over 250 tradespeople in the UK engaged in a survey examining their use and preference of cordless power tools:

  • 84% of power tool users would consider going completely cordless
  • Over 50% of all respondents have more cordless than corded tools in their toolbox or van 
  • 82% of professional power tools users turn to cordless tools to ‘get the job done - anywhere’
  • Over 50% of tradespeople prefer cordless power tools because of the added safety they offer – with no cords or mains power onsite
  • 13% of professional users had worked on “cordless only” sites where mains powered tools just are not allowed

New battery technologies, combined with highly efficient brushless motors are driving the move to cordless. Together they offer more power and durability than ever before meaning their performance often matches that of their corded counterparts.  HiKOKI’s research shows that users feel cordless are superior to corded tools as they can take a cordless tool anywhere, are compact and lightweight compared to their corded counterparts and, with no leads to trip on, are safer. 

“We have found that the superior experiences for professional users come from being able to ‘get the job done anywhere’ by using tools that are powerful, durable, and accurate,” says Yasushi Fukui, Managing Director of Koki Holdings Europe GmbH and Chief International Business Officer of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.   

“Twelve months ago, cordless tools represented over 50% of the demand for power tools,” explains Simon Miller, Marketing Director for HiKOKI Power Tools UK. “We believe this figure has already grown - and will continue to grow. Our own sales figures shows year on year increases on sales of certain tools, such as cordless circular saws versus their corded versions.”

HiKOKI Power Tools’ latest cordless innovation is the Multi Volt. The new Multi Volt 36V battery packs have more power than similar sized 18V battery packs – but dimensions and weight remain almost the same, so the Multi Volt battery packs can be used with a wide range of 18V class devices. 

“Multi Volt delivers AC power with DC freedom, and as our research shows, professional users are looking to get the job done anywhere,” continues Simon. “The era of cordless has truly begun.” 

For more details visit the HiKOKI Power tools website