HiKOKI Power Tools has launched two 36V Circular Saws, designed to deliver powerful cutting - anywhere. The C3605DYA is designed for steel, aluminium and wood cutting, while the CD3605DA is designed for cutting metal. Each saw offers outstanding runtime per charge, a kickback protection system, quick and easy blade change  and a silent mode, to improve motor efficiency.

The C3605DYA 36V Circular Saw with Dust Collection features a fastest in class cutting speed that is almost twice that of its existing 18V model, as well as a best in class overload capacity. Its runtime per charge is impressive, with HiKOKI tests showing it can make up to 700 rafter cuts per charge (in 45 x 45mm cedar) and when cutting 2 x 10 SPF, 38 x 235mm it can make approximately 220 cuts per charge.

The C3605DYA 36V Circular Saw also features Bluetooth wireless technology, enabling wireless linking with the RP3608DB cordless cleaner. That allows comfortable indoor work - without dust. Smooth cutting is enhanced by an accurate aluminium base, a flat housing design with soft material on the surface provides the main unit with stability when it is laid on its side. This makes blade changing easier and also prevents the workpiece from being scratched.

Its Kickback Protection System detects a sudden drop in the motor rotation speed and stops the motor quickly to reduce the reaction force (kickback), while a clever blower function clears dust and debris off the cutting path.

The CD3605DA 36V Metal Cutting Saw offers exceptional performance when cutting steel. The approximate runtime per charge, when using the HiKOKI BSL36A18 battery in Power Mode are as follows:

Cutting Steel Channels: Approx. 110cuts (W x H x T: 60 x 30 x 2.3mm)

Cutting Steel Pipes: Approx. 320cuts (ø x T: 25.4 x 1.6mm)

Cutting Steel Studs: Approx. 750cuts (W x H x T: 50 x 19 x 0.5mm)

The CD3605DA delivers high power (approximately 70Nm) under heavy load, yet is still easy to handle with a compact and lightweight body at just 2.8kg. The power tool also features selective LED lighting, meaning the user can decide to have the LED on or off at all times, or on when the trigger is pulled. The CD3605DA also features a soft start and a blower function.

For more details visit the HiKOKI Power tools website