Gorilla Glue Clear

 New Gorilla Glue Clear, the crystal-clear glue for virtually invisible fixes.

Adhesive brand Gorilla Glue, has launched the new, extremely Tough, and virtually invisible Gorilla Glue Clear, for crafters and hobbyists.

Gorilla Glue Clear is an easy to use adhesive that will provide a strong bond across several applications and projects. It is the ideal adhesive solution for a range of craft projects, including woodwork, glasswork and intricate stonework and virtually all clear fixes.

Providing a highly-effective bond that combines strength with subtlety, Gorilla Glue Clear is the perfect solution for people looking for a clear glue, to give them a professional-looking finish.

Gorilla Glue Clear, has a non-expanding foam-free formula, is highly versatile and is water resistant. This innovative new glue promises to deliver the same heavy-duty strength properties that are synonymous with the Gorilla Glue brand.

Gorilla Glue Clear is available to buy from Hobbycraft, Morrisons, B&Q and Amazon, in a 50ml bottle with a RRP of £7.29 and in a 110ml bottle with a RRP of £10.49.

For more information see the Gorilla Glue website