Alcolin Wood Glues from Johnson Tools

From issue 313, Good Woodworking magazine’s Readers’ Gallery will be sponsored by Johnson Tools, who have recently been appointed sole European distributors for industry leading wood adhesive brand Alcolin. To be in with the chance of winning a wood adhesives bundle, all you have to do is send us a photo or two of your latest project and tell us a little bit about it. Each month, one winning entry will be chosen and notified by the editorial team. To submit your entry, please email Good luck!

Here’s what the bundle includes:

Alcolin Cold Glue

This is the original, high quality wood adhesive, which is ideal for everyday woodworking projects and offers long open time and great versatility.

Alcolin Fast Set Glue

This adhesive is a faster setting, 100% clear drying PVA – ideal for creating tough, moisture-resistant bonds to most woods and perfect for hard and oily woods.

Alcolin Professional Glue

An aliphatic resin-based adhesive designed for the more demanding woodworker and hobbyist. Ideal for furniture restoration and stress joints, as it provides the toughest (least flexible) glue line. It provides excellent adhesion to all wood and offers a number of unique advantages over standard PVA glues.

Alcolin Ultra Glue

Simply put, this is the world’s most advanced wood adhesive. It is the first waterproof, water-based wood glue ever developed and also offers the ultimate in strength and setting time. 

We look forward to seeing your latest projects very soon!

To find out more about these market-leading glues, see the Johnson Tools Website.