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The new Axminster Evolution Series of products has been designed specifically with woodturners in mind and manufactured with careful attention to detail at Axminster Tools & Machinery’s production centre in Devon. The series, launched in the autumn of 2013 with the Revolving Centre, marked the beginning of a whole new range of woodturning products.

evolution series_counterbore drive_woodturning


The Counterbore Drive followed swiftly on the heels of the Revolving Centre; this is used for accurately locating and driving items such as lamp columns which have already been partly bored through from one end. Where this differs from similar products is that an additional boring head is available allowing more accurate, efficient boring operations to be carried out. This is very useful when turning longer items that need to be made in more than one piece such as standard lamps or curtain poles. The boring head can be purchased separately or with the drive as a kit. Three Morse Taper sizes are available. Price for kit: £29.95 inc vat.

evolution series_chip extractor


Next in the range is the Hollow Live Chip Ejection Centre. Made from EN8 steel, it is a big improvement on the standard hollow live centre already available as it features three chip ejection ports which means that during use the bit doesn't have to be completely withdrawn from the tailstock. With short and long removable points, twin ball bearings and an 8mm diameter through hole, this centre is an invaluable aid when long-hole boring. The short point protrudes a mere 3mm beyond the ring and allows an accurate impression of the ring to be made on the end of the timber. Having made the impression, the point can be removed from the centre and the work relocated on the ring impression, allowing an accurate hole to be bored. When boring right through, the timber is drilled from one end then reversed; a counterbore drive is used to hold the timber in the headstock and the boring process repeated from the tailstock end. Fitting the long point gives good access for all sorts of miniature work, including light pulls and lace bobbins. This is a truly multi-functional accessory, worthy of a place in any turner's tool kit. Three Morse Taper sizes are available. Price: £33.44 inc vat.

evolution series_long hole boring kit


Another new product in this series is the Long Hole Boring Kit, excellent for use on a lathe. Specifically designed to drill accurate holes in the end grain of wood mounted on the lathe, the parabolic flute design of the HSS-M2 steel bit clears the chips quickly and prevents chip burn. The twist-lock handle with a comfortable rubber grip is manufactured in Axminster; the bit is made in Austria. Video footage of Colwin Way using this kit can be viewed at          Price: £62.45 inc vat.

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Images: Counterbore Drive, Hollow Live Chip Ejection Centre, Long Hole Boring Kit