New Axminster APF10 Evolution Powered Respirator


APF10 Evolution respirator


The new APF10 Evolution respirator from Axminster is not just evolutionary in name.

This positive pressure powered respirator eliminates the drawbacks encountered with standard negative pressure face masks. The motor unit blows filtered air down over the face at a rate of 160L/min. Fatigue caused by having to suck through a filter is no longer a problem; breathing is normal and comfortable. The air exiting around the sides and bottom of the mask is at a slightly higher pressure than that outside, thereby forming a most effective seal. Beards are not a problem, and if you wear glasses, these will not fog or mist up as you breathe out.

With the motor and filters mounted on the peak of the bump cap and the battery at the rear, the balance of the APF 10 Evolution unit is excellent. Combined with the low overall weight, it is very comfortable. The Li-Ion batteries give a runtime of 8 hours on a full charge. The filters are easy to inspect and replace and the bump cap’s outer cover is removable for washing.

The unit provides FFP2 respiratory protection to EN12941:1988 TH1P. The bump cap gives head protection to EN812. The clear visor gives you a wide field of vision along with impact protection to EN.166.B.1.

The respirator is supplied with an 8-hour battery, plus charger, two filters, a flow-rate meter and complete instructions all within a strong storage box.

Remember, you only get one pair of lungs.

Evolution® is a registered trade mark of JSP Ltd, used under licence by Axminster Tool Centre Ltd.

For more information please visit or call 0800 371822.