easy air wedge

The EasyAirWedge is an inflatable wedge that replaces the need for carpenters and craftsman to use wedges in woodworking and cabinet making projects.

The innovative, cost-effective device helps with levelling and fitting of cabinets, carcases and worktops as well installing and fixing windows and doors.

The versatile new tool is an inflatable bag manufactured from heavy duty TPU which simply slides into awkward or narrow gaps and around windows and doors.

The EasyAirWedge is then easily inflated or deflated with a few quick pumps of the hand pump to ensure the unit is held in just the right position.

The EasyAirWedge makes the awkward task of fitting, levelling and adjusting heavy doors and other weighty objects a thing of the past. It will safely lift an impressive 120kgs.

It means individuals can safely carry out tasks themselves without the need for assistance – saving time and money.

The EasyAirWedge comprises a unique patented rigid plastic core which is hidden inside the bag which ensures the device will not buckle or bend while in use.

The EasyAirWedge is a handy tool-box essential which is also ideal for lifting, levelling and adjusting white good and kitchen units, cabinets and office equipment, water tanks, furniture and much more.

The EasyAirWedge retails from around £13.00 and is available from most good Builders Merchants and DIY outlets nationwide.

For more information visit or contact Sales on Tel: 01227 712833