It is the people who use its tools, Dremel has decided, who will provide the best ideas as to how to improve existing tools and applications, as well as offering the best suggestions on which new ones to develop. It is with that in mind that it has launched its new Innovations Portal, an online forum in which tool development staff at Dremel can liaise with enthusiasts, hobbyists and craftspeople. The idea is that these users will perceive flaws and identify their own needs a long time before any manufacturer can hope to – probably not too far off the mark there guys.
Users with innovative and feasible market relevant ideas will be offered the opportunity to get involved in future development of the tool or application. Hopefully Dremel is setting a precedent here – and it should prove a savvy business move if the advice of those who, at the end of the day, are most in the know is actually taken on board. Dremel is particularly seeking dust extraction solutions at present, and is asking for ideas on this front. Rewards are on offer for any ideas they use. Got a bright idea? Head on over to the Portal and get stuck in.