Following the highly successful launch of the Dowelmax Classic doweling jig in the UK and European markets Dowelmax UK is expanding its product range to include the Dowelmax Junior  and a full range of accessories.


dowelmax junior_dowelmax classic_ doweling jig


Like all other dowel jigs made on the other side of the Atlantic, these products were previously only available in Imperial sizes, for which it is almost impossible to obtain dowels in Europe.  By providing its products in metric sizes across the whole range, Dowelmax has now given European and UK buyers the same choices as enjoyed by its US and Canadian customers.

The main difference between the Junior and the Classic is that the Junior uses a separate clamp, whereas  the Dowelmax Classic  clamping system is integral to the jig.  The accuracy and strength of the joints produced is identical.

The Dowelmax Junior can also be upgraded to the Classic specification by adding  accesories available on the Dowelmax UK website.  Experience in the US and Canada has shown that many Dowelmax Junior purchasers take advantage of this important option. It is also relatively simple to make some accessories in the workshop rather than buying them from the manufacturer.

Starting at £119 for the Junior up to £239 for the Classic, Dowelmax UK now offer a range of options to suit all budgets and customer needs.

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