dowelmax, UK distributorThe O.M.S Tool Company have appointed Dowelmax UK as UK distributors for the renowned, Canadian manufactured, Dowelmax dowelling jig. The move is in response to increased demand for the product in both the UK and European markets.

Based in Holywell, North Wales, Dowelmax UK will carry stocks of the product and a full range of accessories and customers can see the Dowlmax in action in the workshop and try it out for themselves.

Jim Lindsay, the founder of Dowelmax, said, "We are delighted to be opening up this new distribution channel in the UK to further enhance the quality of service to our growing UK customer base of both home woodworkers and professional cabinet shops.

Dowelmax jigs are precision engineered and built to give a lifetime of use in a busy workshop. Because of their inherant build quality, history has shown that not only do they not depreciate in value, but the very few that have appeared on the second hand market, have sold for more than they were bought for.

Dowel joinery is as old as wood itself and the dowel joint has proved itself to be at least as strong as the traditional mortice and tenon joint.

It is the joint of choice for many, if not most, high output production workshops, where the use of in line boring machines and CNC technology, has brought speed and repeatable accuracy to the dowel jointing process.

Dowelmax now brings comparable speed and accuracy to the small workshop for a fraction of the cost.

Chris Hyde of Dowelmax UK says"The Dowelmax can be set up in seconds and enables the user to make strong, perfectly fitting joints..... fast!.....time,after time, after time."

Vist the website at and for more information or to arrange a demonstration, email or telephone 01352781168 or 07773718758

Dowelmax UK will be showing at the European Woodworking Show in September, the Scottish Woodworking Exhibition in October and the Yorkshire Woodworking Show in November.