Trend Door Skate

The new Door Skate from Trend makes it a breeze to manoeuvre heavy sheet materials and doors around. Two heavy-duty polyurethane wheels with ball-bearing races fitted to a robust moulded plastic body allows easy transportation of materials up to 45mm wide and 226kg in weight.

A single skate will allow a heavy fire door, kitchen worktop or sheet material up to 2,400 x 1,200mm to be moved around with ease. Ideal for the jobsite or workshop, it helps keep lifting to a minimum and with a skate used centrally as a single pivot point, it makes steering around tight spots far easier and can be easily achieved single-handed.

The D/SKATE/A Door Skate is priced at £35.94 inc VAT and is available from all Trend Routing Centres and Stockists across the UK.

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