Diamonds are Forever


Trend Diamond Cross Sharpening range

Trend are excited to announce a very special new product range which will leave Trade professionals tools super sharp and back to their best.

The Diamond Cross Sharpening range is now available from Trend and is packed with features and benefits:


  • Use to sharpen chisels and plane irons
  • Specially designed for router cutter sharpening
  • Ideal for shaped router cutters, chisels and woodturning
  • Ideal for sharpening larger bladed gardening tools

Trend’s Head of Marketing, Luke Hulley adds “The Trend Diamond cross range is a fantastic piece of kit. It was great timing to launch this product as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary at Trend. What makes this range so exciting is that the Diamond Cross Technology provides the perfect balance between diamond and recess, maximizing abrasion rates and clearance of debris”

The range includes: Credit Card Stone,  Router Cutter Stone, 5 inch File, Twin Handle File, 8 Inch Workshop Stone and bench holder

To find out more about the Trend Diamond Cross range please visit Trend’s website or Trends YouTube channel and Facebook group for videos of the Diamond Cross range in action.