Cutting Edge Technology from Naniwa


Naniwa japanese waterstones

The Naniwa sharpening stone is a unique new Japanese waterstone from Naniwa. They have upgraded their process to make the old Super Stones even better. The tighter controls of grit particle size far exceeds the old standards employed by Naniwa resulting in a stone that has superior uniformity and therefore cuts more smoothly and cleanly than any previously available Naniwa stone.

Like all Waterstones these stones require water, but unlike traditional Japanese stones these do not require soaking ahead of time. To use these new stones simply apply a little water to the surface and you’re ready to sharpen.

Available in a wide variety of grit sizes from 220 grit right up to 10,000 grit there is a sharpening solution for any occasion with prices ranging from £39.99 - £85.99

The new Naniwa sharpening stone plus a full range of Naniwa economical and combination Waterstones plus accessories are imported into the UK from Japan  by Johnson Tools who have a network of retailers across the country.

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