TSV150 6” Table Saw with built in Dust Extraction


charnwood TSV150 6 Table Saw with built in Dust Extraction


This new innovative table saw is the first to be specifically designed for use by tradesmen installing solid wooden flooring and laminate flooring. The overall size and weight have been kept to a minimum to allow it to be carried to site. The unique feature which makes it the best choice for joiners working in peoples home is the built in dust extraction facility.

The machine has two motors, one to run the table saw and one to run the vacuum extractor. The vacuum sits directly underneath the saw and provides a powerful airflow to collect the saw dust and keep the work area virtually dust free.

The vacuum can also be used independently to clean up the work area afterwards and is supplied with a 1.5m flexible hose.

Supplied with 60 tooth TCT saw blade.

This saw may also prove to be popular with hobby woodworkers, particularly model makers, looking for a small compact saw and wanting to keep the workshop free of saw dust.

More information and the full specification can be found here.