Centrotec Compatible Drill Bit Guides

Trend is excited to introduce a new range of Festool Centrotec compatible shank fitting accessories.

The range includes:
Centrotec compatible drill bit guides
Self-centring drill for the accurate drilling of pilot holes for fittings such as hinges to ensure exact alignment. Supplied with a High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bit.
Drill bit diameter of 2.75mm and 3.5mm to suit No. 8 (4.0mm) and No.10 (5.0mm) screws. The tool can also be easily dismantled for cleaning.

Centrotec compatible shank quick chuck
Allows Trend Snappy attachments or any direct drive 1/4 inch hex bits to be used with the drill. The chuck has a spring-loaded outer sleeve to make it easier to remove attachments.

Centrotec compatible Steel countersinks with HSS drill
Heat-treated tool steel countersink with a High Speed Steel (HSS) drill, which can be adjusted to suit different length screws. The countersink can produce a counter-bored hole for wood plugs of diameters 9.5mm or 12.7mm depending on tool size.
Four sizes of drill countersink are offered with drill bit diameters of 2.38mm to 3.5mm
for No.6 (3.5mm) to No.12 (5.5mm) screws. The drill bit produces pilot holes only.

Trend’s Head of Marketing, Luke Hulley adds, “Trends Centrotec compatible accessories are a huge help for any tradesman who use the Festool Centrotec”.

Prices range from £14.95 to £19.95 + VAT and are available from Trend Routing Centres.

To find out more about Trends Centrotec compatible accessories, visit Trend’s website