From Washrooms and fit-outs to exhibition and display stands, this innovative, secret fixing is a must have for fitters, designers and architects alike! 

What is Button-fix and how does it work?

button_fix, secret_fixings


The concept is simple: the Button is attached to one surface and the Fix to the other. When the two parts are brought together they fit with a satisfying click. Button-fix is designed to be incredibly strong and has been tested and certified by independent test house ‘Sandberg.’ Easy to fix the in the first place, it also allows the panels to be removable and reconfigurable at a later date. 

button_fix, secret_fixings


There are two types of Fix depending on your specific application. Type 1 Fix can be either surface-mounted or rebated and engages with a vertical or sideways sliding action. This version is ideal for applications where load bearing is paramount. The Type 2 Fix connects panels at 90˚ with a simple push/pull assembly and is ideal for applications where the emphasis is on ease of fit rather than strength.

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