Many of us have a beloved piece of wooden furniture at home – perhaps an antique you've inherited? Over time, however, the piece may become dirty and grimy, and it’s not always easy to know what to do with it. There's a veritable plethora of wood care products available, and choosing the right one for this kind of item can be confusing. Bringing back the beautiful good looks of your treasured piece of furniture can't be left to chance by selecting inferior quality products. The key is to choose a top quality wax.

With some spray treatments, there's a risk they will, over time, damage the surface of wood onto which they're applied. But choosing a high quality wax polish can only benefit the timber. Its ability to protect means it won't adversely affect the structural stability of the surface.

Liquid wax polishes are better suited to tackling larger surface areas such as panelling, doors, staircases and other relatively large interior woodwork areas.


Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison

Waxing furniture is a practice that's been carried out for hundreds of years, and while traditional beeswax has its place, it's a good idea to seek out a solid wax with a modern formulation, which makes it more hard-wearing. Liberon recommend choosing one with a good content of carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is found on the leaves of the carnauba palm, which is native to north-eastern Brazil. Known as the 'Queen of Waxes', it contributes to the superior durability of the complete wax formulation, making it ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood, including lacquers and French polishes. Liberon's Wax Polish Black Bison has a good content of carnauba wax and, being highly lustrous, makes wood look simply beautiful. Made from a blend of waxes, it provides good resistance to finger and water marks, and is ideal for small surfaces such as chairs. Known for its high quality and pleasant, distinctive aroma, it feeds, polishes and helps to prevent wood drying out, and has traditionally been used on antiques.


Reiviving old furniture

Bringing a piece of wooden furniture back to good order is a straightforward job. Firstly, remove the old wax using Liberon’s Wax and Polish Remover, then apply Liberon’s Wax Polish Black Bison sparingly, preferably with ultra fine steel wool – such as Liberon grade 0000. It's possible to apply the wax with a cloth, but it's easy to overload it. Apply the wax in a circular motion in much the same way as you would polish a pair of shoes, and always work with the grain of the wood. If too much wax is used, it can be tricky to achieve much of a shine because the wax will simply be pushed around in circles during buffing. It's more difficult to overload fine steel wool with wax, and this application method affords a deeper penetration into the wood. Many people make the mistake of applying too much, but it's better to build up the layers gradually. 

Allow the wax to dry for 20 minutes or until touch dry, then buff with a clean cotton cloth or furniture brush. The wax application process should be repeated on very dry wood as it may require two or more coats.

A glossy & resilient finish

Liberon’s Wax Polish Black Bison affords a highly glossy and resilient finish, helps to cover marks and scratches, and will also assist in preventing wood drying out in the future. Applying a small amount at a time achieves a highly lustrous and hard-wearing effect. It's a good idea to test the product on a test surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result before you commit to the project in hand.

In future, whenever cleaning the treated surfaces, they can be wiped over with a cloth or duster and re-waxed as required when they start to look dull and tired. It's important to ensure the surfaces aren't washed with water. 


15 colours

The wax is available in 150ml and 500ml size options in the following 15 colours: Antique Pine, Clear, Dark Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Golden Pine, Maple, Medium Mahogany, Medium Oak, Neutral, Stripped Pine, Tudor Oak, Teak, Victorian Mahogany, Walnut and Yew. The 500ml option will provide 5-6m2 of coverage. Since wax and water don't mix, these wax finishes shouldn't be used in the kitchen or bathroom.

To see a video showing you how to apply Liberon's Wax Polish Black Bison Paste, click here

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