Axminster Tools & Machinery has just added the Bridge City collection to its range of quality measuring and marking tools. These tools are exclusive to Axminster throughout the UK.

Bridge City Tool Works is an exceptional company and enjoys a worldwide reputation for designing sophisticated, highly functional woodworking tools. As standard bearers of the industry, they have been innovating how to make traditional hand tools for over 35 years.

These tools are crafted to the highest of standards using the finest materials. And once in the hand and in use, a Bridge City tool will give you the ultimate woodworking experience.

Here are just some of the tools within the Bridge City range:

Try Square TS-2v2 200mm

An accurate and reliable tool with a glass bead-blasted stainless steel blade that is graduated: 0 to 200mm on the outer edge and 0 to 150mm on the inner edge. The edges of the blade are square, but not sharp and the scales are easy to read even in a dim light. There is also a 1:8 cut-out for dovetail layout. Price: £65.95 inc vat.

Mitre Square MS-1.5v2 226mm

A mitre square with outstanding accuracy and styling. The handy size makes the MS-1.5v2 mitre square perfect for marking out or checking mitres. The blade is satin finished hard stainless steel, 31mm wide, 226mm long and an impressive 1.5mm thick. Price: £63.95 inc vat.

Multi Tool MT-1

With multiple precise functions this tool is a pleasure to use. The MT-1 combines the following functions: a 200mm sliding bevel, a 1:8 dovetail saddle square, a 1:6 dovetail saddle square and regular saddle square. An effective cam-lock holds the stainless steel blade firmly in position. The blade has a 1:8 dovetail cut-out and a pencil notch on the tip that allows you to use the MT-1 to draw a line parallel to an edge. Price: £101.95 inc vat.

Adjustable Square AS-24v3 600mm

One of the most versatile bench layout tools you will ever own. Featuring a 285mm long, split, anodised aluminium head. The fixed half gives you a permanent 90°, 600mm long T-square with an accuracy of ± 0.05mm over the entire blade length. The other half of the head pivots; set the blade of the tool to any angle you require and flip the square to use it as a 600mm adjustable bevel. Price: £171.96 inc vat.

As with other quality brands, you would be forgiven for simply wanting to display these tools rather than use them.  In the words of John Economaki , the founder of Bridge City Tool Works: “A tool should be as compelling when not in use as it is when serving its intended purpose”.

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