Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder

Reliable measurement with connectivity benefits

  • First Bosch laser range finder with camera as viewfinder
  • Range 120 m and accuracy +/- 1.5 mm finds targets easily, especially outdoors
  • Intuitive operation and versatile functions using Measuring Master app
  • Rapid information sharing via Bosch Bluetooth-based connectivity

For anyone whose work involves distance measurement on work sites, Bosch is offering upgraded performance in the shape of its new Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder. In addition to a camera as a viewfinder with integrated zoom function, which solves the common problem of target invisibility, this user-friendly laser measure enjoys all the benefits of Bosch connectivity.

Bluetooth connection with the free Bosch Measuring Master app gives access to a range of useful facilities for recording, processing and sharing information to speed up workflow. The device also comes with GLM Transfer Software which allows simple copying of data and pictures from its own memory to your laptop or PC.

Easy measurement in all situations

Inability to see the laser spot from a measuring device often results from difficult light conditions outdoors, but even in indoor applications, it can be a problem. The Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder, using its 5MP camera as a viewfinder to find and zoom in on targets, overcomes visual issues relating to lighting, long distance, complex surroundings and other factors. Its laser measuring range is up to 120 metres and it works to an accuracy of +/- 1.5 millimetres.

The device’s large colour screen (2.8 inches), with flip display, has a familiar smartphone look. Readability from all angles is possible thanks to IPS (in-plane switching) technology, while optical bonding minimises the effects of condensation or reflected sunlight when viewing the screen outdoors.

A choice of measurement buttons, on the front and on the side, allows for comfortable and flexible operation in different situations. Automatic pin detection enables effective and precise measurement from hard-to-reach areas and edges. The ability to control this laser measure remotely through your smartphone or tablet, from a range of about 10 metres, eliminates any need for assistance from a second person. A timer function adds further convenience.

Intuitive functioning and faster workflow

Despite its technological sophistication, the Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder is straightforward to use. Its intuitive HMI (human-machine interface) is based on the well-proven approach used by Bosch in its popular GLM 50 C laser measure. Text support and an integrated help function are provided in case needed.

As well as lengths, widths and heights, the Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder’s measurement functions include inclines, areas, volumes and more. It can be used to quickly create floor plans and pictures, complete with measurements and notes. Date and time information can be saved with all records for easy reference and proof of work.

Up to 50 measurements, including pictures, can be stored in the device’s internal memory and then transferred to your computer through a micro USB cable. When information needs to be shared urgently, connectivity via Bluetooth means you can send measured values, plans and comments to your colleagues or customers immediately, even while you are still on site. These facilities not only save time but eliminate the possibility of manual transfer errors.

Workplace-ready design

Robustly constructed for challenging environments, the new rangefinder’s housing is sealed to IP54 standard against dust and splashing water, while the screen’s Dragontrail cover glass is resistant to scratching and other damage. What’s more, this measuring device is equipped for support by the Bosch TrackMyTools app (as soon as this service is available), which simplifies tool location and management.

Along with trade professionals of all kinds, the Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Rangefinder is aimed at architects, landscape designers, construction managers and specialised craftspeople working on metal, wood and other structural materials.

Available from specialist retailers, its recommended retail price is £235.99. This is exclusive of VAT and is subject to change.

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