Bosch 18 V cordless tool range

Six new products – 40+ in total

  • Extra hammering, grinding, shearing, nibbling and extracting options
  • Innovative safety, programming and energy efficiency features
  • Highly efficient long-life batteries with full compatibility
  • Convenient mobility system

Bosch has underlined its status as a key player in the growing 18 Volt cordless power tool market with the introduction of six new products. Adding extra options in terms of hammer drilling, angle grinding, shearing, nibbling and dust extraction, they expand the Bosch Professional 18 V Li-Ion range to more than 40 tools.

Covering every trade professional’s needs, the collection includes a wide variety of drills, drivers and hammers for different applications. There are other tools for sawing, cutting, grinding, planing and sanding, along with dust extractors, lights and even an onsite radio.

The new models are:

  • GAS 18 V-1 Professional Dust Extractor
  • GAS 18 V-10 L Professional Dust Extractor
  • GBH 18 V-20 Professional Rotary Hammer Drill
  • GSC 18 V-16 Professional Shear
  • GNA 18 V-16 Professional Nibbler
  • GWS 18 V PC and PSC Professional Angle Grinder


Bosch points out that its latest 18 Volt cordless tools continue the spirit of innovation which has drawn so many individual tradespeople and group buyers to Bosch in recent years. Often the innovations relate to safety, as with the GWS 18 V PC and PSC Professional Angle Grinder whose automatic safeguards include KickBack Control, Restart Protection, Soft Start and Vibration Control.

The angle grinder also benefits from this manufacturer’s pioneering developments in tool connectivity. Its uses here include customisation of adjustable parameters and monitoring of tool condition. An inbuilt user interface on the PSC model makes programming functions and access to information even easier.

To combat dust-related illness, which has been a focus of recent safety campaigning by Bosch, there are two new extractors. The GAS 18 V-1 Professional Dust Extractor is light and compact but features two rotational airflows which effectively remove most dust before it even reaches the filter. For sustained high suction over long periods, Bosch offers the GAS 18 V-10 L Professional Dust Extractor. Its specialised HEPA filter captures more than 99.99% of all dust.

A combination of high power and efficiency is promised by the GBH 18 V-20 Professional Rotary Hammer Drill, an SDS-plus model which delivers 1.7 J of impact energy along with impressive runtimes. When it comes to ergonomic design, the GSC 18 V-16 Professional Shear and GNA 18 V-16 Professional Nibbler score highly with their small grip circumference and perfect balance. Like the angle grinder, they can be fitted with batteries of up to 7.0 Ah capacity for long uninterrupted shifts.

Battery life

Bosch innovations in battery technology, as well as motor efficiency, continue to push the boundaries of runtime. Building on the inherent advantages of its Li-ion packs, Bosch has invented new systems to extend their lifetime even further. Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) prevents overloading, overheating and excessive discharge, while Bosch COOLPACK temperature control adds as much as 100% to a battery’s life compared to a pack without it.

Full compatibility

An important characteristic of all Bosch 18 Volt power tools is their full compatibility – forward and backward – with each other’s batteries and chargers. The tools and their accessories are also fully compatible with the Bosch Mobility System. Its space-saving L-BOXX storage units, which click and stack together for convenient transport, ensure that everything is held securely, protected from damage and well organised.

Available now

The latest Bosch 18 V Li-ion power tools, and all others in this comprehensive range, are available now from specialist retailers.

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