Safeguard sensor light range Safeguard sensor light range

Battery giant launches ‘SafeGuard’ sensor light range into the UK market

One of the world’s biggest battery manufacturers has introduced its own range of high-quality outdoor security lights - with a battery life of nearly two years, it is announced.

The motion-sensitive and cordless SafeGuard range from GP Batteries are available now with a price range of £24.99 to £49.99.

This is the first time the updated range has been made available to the UK market. Home protection is a key benefit, with over 35 million burglaries or thefts recorded in England and Wales in the 12 months to March this year.

SafeGuard has already proved popular in the Nordic market due to their versatility - requiring no extra wiring - and high durability to temperature dips and wet weather, in comparison to cheaper models. They are also liked by customers with outbuildings or stables.

The product range has already won several UK distribution deals.

GP Batteries is the world’s leader in consumer rechargeable battery design and manufacturing, and a top-five battery maker worldwide.

It recently announced strong UK growth figures and plans for aggressive marketing of its core consumer batteries, plus new ranges of premium portable powerbanks, torches and other lighting products.

Managing Director Gareth Wheller said: “The original SafeGuard was very popular, but some of the feedback was ‘I want a more powerful version to cover my whole yard,’ so we had another look at it.

“We’re very proud of SafeGuard. It’s market-leading in terms of quality and features, but also very attractive from a price perspective.

“As nights draw in attention turns to the outdoor security sector, and these new products are going to be a valuable new addition to the market.”

RF 1.1   RF 2.1  
Operating time: 600 days Operating time: 300 days
Luminous intensity: 60 lm Luminous intensity: 120 lm
Powered by: 3x AA Powered by: 3x AA
RRP: £24.99 RRP: £29.99
RF 3.1   RF 4.1  
Operating time: 600 days Operating time: 300 days
Luminous intensity: 130 lm Luminous intensity: 260 lm
Powered by: 3x C Powered by: 3x C
RRP: £39.99 RRP: £49.99

For more details see the GP Batteries website