New Axminster Trade Series Bandsaws


Axminster trade series Bandsaws BS11 BS11-INV

These bench top bandsaws with many unique features have been designed by Axminster Tools & Machinery.

The one piece frame is made from heavy gauge welded steel and is extremely rigid to withstand high blade tensions. A cast iron deep section table is fitted, featuring a ground table surface and a rack and pinion tilt mechanism with indexing stops for common angles.

The heavy gauge alloy rip fence is mounted on a cast alloy bracket which also incorporates a fine width adjustment. The fence is clamped with a cam action lever, which is easily released to allow swift adjustment.

Blade guides are all ball bearing with micro adjustment for accurate control. The top guide is mounted on a steel hexagon bar for stiffness and adjusted for height by a small rack and pinion system. Cast iron band wheels, nicely machined and balanced are driven by a multi V belt with a choice of two speeds (basic) or ratios (upgraded).

There is a basic model (BS11) and an upgraded model (BS11-INV). Both models feature a 750W induction motor; the motor on the upgraded model has an inverter drive to control the motor speed. The basic model is ideal for cutting all types of wood; the upgraded model is suitable for many projects using all kinds of materials including metals.

Prices start at E949.96 inc vat for the basic BS11 model.

For more information and the latest pricing please visit Prices are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change without notice.