Axminster Rider planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value.

The 9 ½ standard angle block plane has a bevel-up blade seated at an angle of 20°. The blade comes honed with a secondary bevel ready to take shavings. The 9 ½ is easy and comfortable to use, with a well-rounded cap which fits nicely in your hand.

The main casting is ductile iron chosen for its high strength and impact resistance. It has an adjustable mouth for fine or coarser work. The plane features micro depth adjustment and lateral blade control to achieve consistent thin shavings. The sole is 155mm (6-1/8") long with a 41mm (1.5/8") wide blade. The sole of the plane is flat and accurate to +/- 0.04mm (0.0016"). Weighing only 950g (2lb), it is one of the most useful planes in the woodworker’s tool cabinet. Every plane undergoes careful inspection in Axminster to ensure consistent quality.

The No 9 ½ comes complete with a plane sock for protection during storage.

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