New Precision Pro Lathe from Axminster


Axminster precision pro lathe

The new Precision Pro lathe has been specially designed for pen and small project turning and is capable of turning items on a commercial scale.

Although compact, it is made almost entirely from cast iron with weight and vibration absorbing qualities that only add to the turning experience.

The main feature for pen turning is the ER20 collet chuck fitted to the spindle nose. This is an extremely accurate method of work or tool holding, the clamping being concentric every time. Axminster has designed and included a unique pen mandrel for this lathe which creates grip onto the pen blank without exerting compression force onto the mandrel spindle, allowing it to run freely. The mandrel is held between the collet chuck and a special hollow tailstock drive centre, the bore of which closely fits the mandrel spindle allowing no play, with the tailstock barrel being wound out to create grip onto the pen blank. The mandrel can hold one or two pen blanks at a time, saving time if a bulk batch needs to be produced.

The lathe is powered by a 375W brush motor, being controlled by a very well made PCB (printed circuit board) and giving a spindle speed range of 400-3,600rpm. The spindle is supported within two over-sized ball bearings, running without noticeable vibration.

The tool rest holder is also in cast iron, with a cam lock clamp and ratchet style levers. Two tool rests, 80 and 150mm, are provided. The tailstock is also in cast iron, with a smooth lead screw giving around 35mm of movement. This is a quiet, smooth running lathe and capable of running all day if required. It is perfect for the workshop or to take around the craft fair circuit.

The lathe is supplied with a collet spanner, pen mandrel, 80 and 150mm tool rests and a centre knock-out bar. Accessories are available for purchase as extras and include a light pull drive, polishing mop arbor, 3/8” and 5/8” four prong drive centres, 1½” woodscrew chuck and 2” faceplate. 

The Precision Pro lathe is priced at £399.96 inc vat, valid until 31st December 2015.

For more information please visit or call 03332 406406.