Cutting Edge Technology from Atoma


Atoma diamond sharpening plates

Johnson Tools are delighted to have been appointed the official UK distributor of Tsuboman Atoma diamond sharpening plates from Japan.

Very highly regarded in Japan but until recently the Atoma diamond plates have been virtually unheard of outside their country of origin.

The Atoma plates differ from other diamond plates in that the microcrystalline diamonds are arranged in clusters as opposed to being a continuous covering

This arrangement of the diamonds abrades much more aggressively that the more commonly available diamond plates and coupled with Atoma’s use of superior polycrystalline diamonds, Atoma ensure a consistent cutting performance and exceptional wear qualities for longer lifespan.

The high fracture resistance offered by polycrystalline results in a surface that cuts quickly, resists wear and produces far more consistent scratch patterns. The cluster pattern also minimizes loading and hydraulic lock.

As with all diamond tools the Atoma plates should be flushed with water or light oil while in use to prolong the life and performance. The diamonds are electro-bonded to a stainless-steel sheet that is mounted to a 10mm thick aluminium block. This type of construction makes the plates durable, rust resistant and extremely flat.

In Japan the Atoma plates are commonly associated with flattening and dressing Japanese Waterstones but they are superb stones in their own right for standard dressing and sharpening of any edge tool; plane irons, chisels or router cutters for example. From traditional carbon steel through to tungsten carbide, the Atoma will cut exceptionally quickly.

All Atoma plates measure 210mm x 75mm and are available in the following four grades with prices ranging from £79.99 - £89.99

140 grit - The 140-grit plate is used for flattening sharpening stones that need significant correction or heavy steel removal.

400 grit - The 400-grit plate is used for maintain sharpening stones and correcting chips and minor blade edge defects.

600 grit - The 600-grit plate is used for maintaining fine sharpening stones and minor blade edge work.

1200 grit - The 1200-grit plate is used for final sharpening and flattening of blades.

The Atoma range will be available from early February 2016, for further details or to find your nearest stockist please visit