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The 2nd edition of Art on Chairs, international event of design and creativity in the furniture industry, has just kicked off with 2 calls for participation to the creative community: the International Design Competition (IDC) and the More Design. The common goal is to uncover innovative design in the production of high-quality furniture. The selected projects will also be presented in the scope of Art on Chairs, in a total of 4 countries and 5 cities, from September 2014 to April 2015.


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Image : Marcus Garcia Moreira


Fostering design practice and experimentation in synch with the industrial fabric, along with the generation and sharing of original content, Art on Chairs consists of competitions, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, educational and cultural activities.

International Design Competition (IDC) and More Design, More Industry are the first advance of this year’s programme. Its successful first edition, which took place in Paredes in 2012, is a finalist of the 2014 RegioStars Awards for Europe’s most innovative and inspiring regional projects. The second edition is taking place in Portugal, in Paredes and Lisbon, from November 2014 to March 2015, with showcase presentations in Beijing (Sep’14), Dubai (Oct’14) and Milan (Apr’15). 


art on chairs_international design competition_more design

Image : Inês D'Orey


Check out these unique chances to design and produce at the highest level in a leading industrial hub, win prizes and show your talent internationally with Art on Chairs.

Art on Chairs is an international event that promotes design and contemporary creativity as driving forces for innovation in industry and development across the board. Art on Chairs brings together creation and production, culture and economy, local assets and global opportunities.

This translates into a programme of competitions, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, educational and cultural activities, in a dynamic of engagement that expands from the local context to achieve international reach.

Looking to engage widespread participation and input, Art on Chairs invites designers, creatives, economic agents, students and the audience at large to explore design as a driving force for innovation, regional development and enhancing industrial production and material culture.

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