It was just over one year ago in May 2012 that Arbortech launched the TURBOPlane™.  A year on and Arbortech is delighted to announce the arrival of a smaller version, the Mini-TURBO™.

The Mini-TURBO™ is a revolution in wood sculpting. It can be used either directly on the Arbortech Mini Grinder™ or fitted to an angle grinder using the supplied extension shaft. The tool is smooth and controlled, while the limited side exposure enables optimal safety for the user.

The Mini-TURBO™ is ideal for free-hand shaping and is also suitable for use with guides and templates for accuracy. Shapes that were previously impossible to cut are now made possible and easier.

The Mini-TURBO™ is designed for fast efficient stock removal and deep internal profiles leaving a smooth finish which requires minimal sanding. The Mini-TURBO™ is sold as part of a kit and comes with replaceable/re-sharpenable carbide teeth, a brass M10 – M14 adaptor and an assortment of sanding discs that can be fitted to the supplied extension shaft. The Mini-TURBO™ is perfect for medium sized carving projects from start to finish.

The Mini-TURBO™ kit will be available to purchase from September.










Available from: Brimarc Tools and Machinery          

Code: 504544            

Price: £106.45 inc vat

Price valid until 31/12/13.