Arbortech launches the Mini Carver

 Australian company Arbortech has launched its new Mini Carver, adding to the brand’s already well established power carving range. It replaces the current Mini Grinder model offering woodcarvers and wood artists new and improved features and versatility.

This next generation machine will take carvers and artists seamlessly through rough shaping, sculpting and sanding stages. The Mini Carver now offers variable speed, vibration reduction and improved sanding , as well as the ability to hook up to dust extraction during the sanding process. The versatility of this tool will take customers from start to finish in a variety of small to medium woodcarving projects.

Variable speed

The addition of a six variable speed setting, ranging from 6000-18000rpm, means users can adjust the speed of their carving and sanding to suit their needs.

Improved sanding

The sanding function has been improved with the addition of a flexible rubber backing pad. This pad will sit behind the sanding disc to add robustness and flexibility which will increase the life of the sanding disc, resulting in a lower replacement rate. It will also help the sanding discs mould more easily to the timber.

Dust collection

The Mini Carver will come with a dust extraction attachment which can be fitted to the tool and connected to a vacuum hose during sanding operations. This new feature keeps work spaces free from wood dust, particularly important for those who perform their work in small, inadequately ventilated areas. CEO Kevin Inkster commented:

“Not everyone has access to the ideal workshop space with extraction and ventilation systems in place. Users can simply hook the attachment up to a vacuum and start sanding. This feature will help reduce the spread of wood dust significantly, making for a cleaner and safer environment”. The attachment can be easily removed when it is not required.

Vibration reduction

A new and improved motor plus the addition of a vibration reducing handle will add further comfort and ergonomics for users. What’s more, the Mini Carver is a compact, lightweight option for power carving and sculpting, yet it does not compromise on performance. “Our intention is for our tools to be as user friendly and ergonomic as possible” said Kevin Inkster. “Whilst the previous Mini Grinder operated effortlessly and is used widely within the chainsaw carving and wood sculpting markets, this new version has a quieter and smoother motor as well as a vibration reduction handle which we think our customers will appreciate very much.”

Tungsten carbide carving blade

The new Mini Carver will come with Arbortech’s top tungsten carbide tipped carving blade – the Mini Industrial Blade. Compared to standard steel carving blades, this blade will stay sharp for longer, offering optimum performance even in the hardest timbers.

The Mini Carver is supplied with a tool bag, mini industrial blade, sanding discs, rubber sanding pad and dust extraction attachment. More accessories are available online.

Price: £219.95 inc vat valid until 31 August 2019.

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