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FireWriter: The Professional Pyrograph Tool with Variable Temperature Control to 650°C from Antex


antex firewriter pro_pyrography

Decorate wood; leather or other materials through the careful application of heat with this precision tool.
If you are serious about pyrography, this powerful new tool from Antex is easy to use with multiple heat settings, quickly rising up to 650°C.  Designers can use the various temperatures to create different shades from very light, to a much deeper burn or heavier in fills.
FireWriter is ergonomically designed for comfort over long periods with a slim handle and easy to change tips.   It comes with a writing tip and 5 nickel chrome wires of different thickness to make your own tips.
Accessories are also available including pens with different tips, packs of specialist tips and, a separate splitter means you can switch between two pens quickly.
All kinds of designs are possible, with a little creativity you can achieve wood burning, acetate stencil cutting, leather crafting, heat stamping, pattern transfer, personalising items, hot knife cutting and soldering using different tips.
MRP: £149.99 Available: Tel: +44 (0)1822 613565


• Temperature adjustable to 650 degrees C

• 40W output
• Slim and comfortable Pyrography pen
• 1 Writing Tip
• 5 x Different Gauge Nickel Chrome Wire
• Clip for 2 pens (only one included)
• Pre fabricated tips available separately
• Range of additional tip packs available separately