Continuing with his virtual demonstrations, woodturning enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Andrew Hall will be running his first online Blues Bowl tutorial, which will take place fortnightly, and in four separate sections.

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To see how Andrew built his very own recording studio for online demos, visit his YouTube channel. A variety of videos are also available on Record Power’s YouTube channel – including Andrew’s first impression of Record’s new UK-made turning tools.


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Masterclasses can also be accommodated on a one-to-one basis, or if you’d prefer to form a small group with friends on a specific subject, just get in touch to arrange.

There are also two pre-recorded SkillBuilder video demonstrations available to purchase via the website – Dickie Bow Tie and Baby’s Rattle – and each are priced at £5.


Look out for forthcoming articles in the magazine from Andrew, which will cover a wide range of turning topics.

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