Trend Air Stealth P3(R) Half Mask

Trend has introduced a new compact and lightweight half mask respirator with full P3 protection; suitable for protection from all woodworking nuisance dusts including MDF as well as other industrial dusts such as silica, glass fibre and also agricultural related dusts.

The Air Stealth design incorporates easy to change flat filters that locate behind hinged access grilles, while the large filter area offers less breathing resistance in use to keep comfort levels maintained as you work.

Manufactured from high-grade materials, the mask is odour free and non-allergenic with latex and silicone free Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) offering a soft, comfortable fit to the face while sealing against inward leakage beyond the standard recommendation for maximum protection. The HEPAC (High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite) filters protect to higher than industry standard requirements, capturing 99.99% of all airborne particles of 0.3 microns and above, including aerosol emissions.

With the flat filter design, the mask offers superb all-round vision as you work making it ideal for high volume dust generating woodworking applications such as routing, sanding and woodturning.
The mask can also be used with prescription or safety glasses and is designed with the exhalation vent mounted at the bottom of the mask to prevent fogging and misting as you breathe.

Replacement filters are available including a carbon filter option to deal with nuisance odours and fumes while still offering full P3 protection.

The Air Stealth has an Assigned Protection Factor of 20 and certified to
BS EN140 and BS EN143 P3R.  There are two sizes; Small/Medium, STEALTH/SM and Medium/Large, STEALTH/ML options and priced at £21.95. Additional filters start from £9.25 and Nuisance Filters from £10.95. All prices excluding VAT.

The Air Stealth is available from all Trend Routing Centres and Stockists across the UK.

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