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Woodworker15/01/2009 17:03:06
1745 forum posts
1 photos
74 articles
Hi Mike, the link won't work anymore because it's attempting to take you to the old site which no longer exists. You'll have to re-link to the appropriate page on this site I'm afraid.

I haven't quite got my head around the new link dialogue either! It should be consistent across different browsers though, which is at least an improvement.

Ron Davis15/01/2009 20:40:53
1619 forum posts
201 photos
My postings have also doubled, need a new computer soon!
I had included 'message member' on my postings but it seems to have disappeared, I cannot find how to reinclude it.
Ron Davis
George Arnold15/01/2009 21:56:11
1834 forum posts
191 photos
 Tried all the links along the top of the home page all worked okay, but when I tried to leave the magazine site I could not get off the page, only by turning of the web and then restarting it, I find the colour okay for me on the postings. they look the same  as ebay turning to red after you have opened them. A lot of smileys or as they are called now emotions I find the download fairly quick, so it's not all bad ,no sack yet Ben I think Sparky is being a bit harsh, but knowing him he was only joking 
Cedric Wheeler15/01/2009 21:58:23
154 forum posts
31 photos
I seem to be having a problem logging in.I previously just clicked on members in my favourites list. Now it won't recognise that and I am having to log in every time. Am I doing something wrong.
Cedric Wheeler
John Houston16/01/2009 11:06:25
8 forum posts
10 photos
Sent a reply back to my original thread too opj which is there now but it says there are 4 replys and only 2 showing, am i doing something wrong or is it just teething problems with the changeover still,
Mr Maguire17/01/2009 23:24:49
265 forum posts
1 photos
Hi all
Iv just tryed to upload some pics of my workbench build and there not going on.
When i click on "my photos" the album is there but when i click on the album it tells me "sorry could not find album" or something like that. just wondering if this is a known problem or am i doing something wrong.
By the way Ben, the website is much easier to get around now. good work
Conor ONeill19/01/2009 08:43:18
71 forum posts
126 photos
I like the new layout, a definite improvement on the old one. A few issues though:
 - In the forums how do I know which topics have new messages?
 - Also in the forums, if someone starts a thread about a picture, the picture doesn't appear at the top of the forum and there is no link to the pic.
 - In "My Albums" the album boxes are all the same height, which means if I use alot of text to describe the album it pushed the text down and over the next album (does that make sense??)
Hope this helps and keep up the good work.

Mr Maguire19/01/2009 12:22:17
265 forum posts
1 photos
Hi all
It was me...... I managed to get my albums working now
Thanks Richard
Brian Barber19/01/2009 12:42:23
160 forum posts
244 photos
Hi Ben,
I like the look of the site but at the moment cannot see how to create new album or add to existing albums. Is this still being developed or it it me. Also how do you search on a name to find a persons albums.
Please help
Mike Garnham19/01/2009 13:36:59
4114 forum posts
1 photos
Hi Ben,
Just to add to the above list.........
I can't sign in without typing in my full email address and my password every time. This is a real nuisance, and the reason I am not visiting the forum very often.
The "Remember Me" function doesn't work (on my computer at work anyway), and I have Norton Internet Security with anti- Phishing at home, which fills in forms (such as the log in and password) for me automatically. It doesn't recognise this site, for some reason.
I know you will be run off your feet at the moment, but this is quite a fundamental issue. If it is a hassle to log in, then people won't come back often.
Is there any way of defaulting to show the latest post in a thread, rather than going to the first page?
Doug19/01/2009 13:54:24
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Hi Ben.
Apart from the issues raised already, could i add the following :-
I`ve put my setting to "default to last post" but this is not working.
How do i put photos in an existing album, i don`t want to start another?
Photos don`t open in posts that i know where there before the swap.
On the main latest threads page could we have a "prev" & "1"  "2" boxes at the bottom of the page, as we have at the top
My bookmarks that i had before the swop have disappeared, can i get them back?
How do i quote someone else`s post in my posts ( so that it reads that it is from them, as before)?
When i go to latest images it just displays a list of photos with no information, even if i click on a photo there is still no information, like who`s it is etc. Also how do i start a thread about a photo?
I also think the "my messages" is now hopeless.
I appreciate i know nothing about computers & programming, but surely a template of the new site was designed & run through before the swop? I don`t want to sound critical, but i am yet to find anything that i feel is an improvement over the old site.
Mike has alresdy said he has found nothing that makes him want to linger, & i am beginning to feel the same way, which is sad as i have previously thoroughly enjoyed the forum.
I appreciate you are very busy, but would it be possible to tell us in  which order problems are being addressed, & keep us more informed. I know it has only been six days but nothing that has been raised seems to have been sorted.
As i have said this post is definitely not meant as a criticism, i genuinely hope that all problems will be sorted soon, but i would rather be told things have not gone as planed & it will be "x" amount of time before it`s fixed, than log on each day to see no change.
I wish you the very best in your task of sorting things out.
Woodworker19/01/2009 14:49:33
1745 forum posts
1 photos
74 articles
Hi Baz,

Thanks for the feedback.

There were several fixes to the forum over the weekend and there's currently a very long list of further fixes to get through which will take some time. I'm testing and reporting all issues that appear in this thread to our site-developer who has to get to the bottom of and solve each one. 

It is taking longer than I'd hoped it would to sort these problems out but all I can do at this stage is keep drawing attention to the issues, albeit behind the scenes.

With regards to testing the new site before going live; more time would have been nice for sure but hey, I'm just the editor For the same reason, I can't give you definite dates of when issues will be sorted because it's out of my control. I can keep pushing for the fixes though and rest assured I'm doing that. 

Please keep posting any problems you encounter on this thread, and don't give up just yet!

Mike, I'll get that log-in issue looked into asap.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post here. If you find any additional gremlins then please post details on this thread.

Doug19/01/2009 15:29:32
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Thanks for the promot reply Ben,
It must be frustrating for you, having to report all the problems back to the designers, who at the end of the day are the only ones who can sort these things.
Good luck.
Woodworker19/01/2009 15:35:23
1745 forum posts
1 photos
74 articles
Doing my best Baz. We'll get there in there in the end!
Oddjob19/01/2009 18:14:06
1635 forum posts
79 photos
I can't find a way to comment on gallery items and can't add gallery pictures to a new thread.  My posts do not have the message member etc.  These items are in addition to all of the issues mentioned by other members.  I don't however have Mike's logging in problem.
Baz has been very polite.  I like him, have no issue with you Ben, you must be tearing your hair out!
I do though wish to be critical of The Powers That Be.  The new platform was meant to have gone live two weeks ago.  It happened a week later than that - presumably because it wasn't finished and it still isn't finished.  That is appalling service from your web designer.  I do hope he is on a fixed contract price and not getting paid for remedial work!
To date I can see nothing that is better nor additional to what we had before.  Is more intended or am I missing something in the fog of non-functioning functions?  Is it too late to roll back and sack the web designer? Without paying him of course. 
It is apparent that usually regular contributing members are abandoning ship and I am sure you can understand why.  I am seeing posts on other forums that would, in earlier circumstances, have been posted here.  I am very sad about this because I used to like this forum best and I can forsee it failing if your organisation doesn't do something rapidly.

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