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Even more Oak!

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Mailee26/04/2013 21:54:12
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Well with the table and aquarium cabinet finished and not being one to sit on my laurels I started my next commission today. Surprisingly enough it is more AWO units too. :D This one is for a run of low cabinets into a corner and on the opposite wall a tall thin book case to fit into an alcove. on the same wall past a doorway a tall cupboard with adjustable shelves. I started by making some of the mouldings that will separate the units. After cutting and machining some 2" oak I rigged a jig on the bench to cut some flutes.
I had four to make and the jig made easy work of them.
I then cut some squares of 1" to make the feet of the columns. I screwed them to the bench and then ran around them with the router.
I then attached them to the bottom of each column with glue and screws to complete them.
I also got the sides of the cabinets cut out of some veneered MDF before calling it a day.
Mailee27/04/2013 20:17:34
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Today after delivering the Aquarium cabinet I got stuck in on the carcasses which are Veneered MDF. I got all the sides and bottoms cut first.
Then machined some oak for the top frames and busied myself cutting mortices.
Next on the to do list was the tennons which I cut on the table saw with my jig.
Out came the clamps and glue and all of the frames went together.
I then cut biscuit slots for the connection method and had a dry fit of them.
I couldn't glue them up yet as I am waiting for delivery of some book case strips to inlay in the sides. (Not to mention a router cutter for them too)
Derek Lane28/04/2013 22:54:26
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Another good looking project Mailee, you went and spoiled it with the veneered MDF. Mind you I bet it is nice to work mainly with solid wood again.

Mailee29/04/2013 22:22:49
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Thanks Derek. I don't feel that I have spoiled it with the MDF myself as the furniture usually goes into centrally heated homes which isn't very kind to natural wood. Using this method at least I know that in years to come the panels will still be straight as it is far more stable than laminated boards. I am sure if Thomas Chippendale were alive today he would also use some of the man made boards available. wink
I made a start on the doors for the units today. I had already machined up the wood for them so set about cutting a groove for the panels with the table saw.
Then cut the mortices in the stiles.
I set up the RAS to cut the lines for the Cheeks of the tennons.
The tennons were then cut using my jig on the table saw.
After sanding all the parts I put them in the clamps and had a glue up. In the mean time I cut out some parts for the tall book case that will go with these units. I finally took the doors out of the clamps and trimmed them ensuring they were square.
Eventually I had all six doors finished ready for sanding.
I now have the Tonk strips so will get the grooves cut for them tomorrow then I can put a finish on the interiors before assembling them.

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Wolfie30/04/2013 16:05:26
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Very nice Mailee, you really do work at an amazing rate!.Im still trying to finish my chess men and you have completed three or four large projects! Don't know how you do it but please keep it up. Well done.


Mailee30/04/2013 21:46:23
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Ah yes, I do appologise to the novice wood worker, I should have stated that the crown guard on the table saw has been removed for the process of cutting the tennons using this method and my hands are sheilded behind the upright portion of the jig. Thanks for reminding me Steven.

Well Ian, to coin an old phrase time is money in business, besides I like to get stuck in and get on with a job......I am impatient. cheeky

I started the morning by adding the lipping to the edges of the panels. (Which I almost forgot!) :roll:
When it had set I trimmed them flush with the router.
Before I could assemble them I had to cut the grooves for the Tonk strips.
With all these done I could then start on the assembly.
I managed to get two of the units in clamps (I need more clamps )
While these were in the clamps I gave the fluted columns a good sanding and cut out the rear panels from some 9mm veneered MDF. Then I attacked the doors with the sander and got them ready for a sealer coat.
With the units out of the clamps you might have noticed the letterbox slot out of the sides. This is to allow a thin removable table top to be stored out of the way which will be used for a knitting machine.
Finally by the end of the day I had a dry run of the units together as they will look when installed, (OK they are on their backs but you get the idea.) :lol: I intend to get the plinth built tomorrow if all goes well....we will see.
Mailee01/05/2013 21:07:53
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Well today I was getting on well and managed to get the plinth together. I then mounted the units onto it to check the fit and dimensions.
Then I got the chute built that will house the removable top and checked the fit in the units.
It was at this point that my surface planer decided to give up! frown After spending most of the afternoon trying to find the fault and after a bit of advice it will have to wait until the morning to replace a capacitor. I did manage to salvage the day by getting one of the tops made.
Hopefully i will be able to buy a new capacitor in the morning and get cracking again......fingers crossed.
Mailee03/05/2013 20:52:05
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Well with the planer up and running again I could crack on with the build. I made the leg for the removable worktop and a drawer front which will go on the end for when it is stored.
This leg will be hinged under the top and the top will attach to the main worktop with catches.
After giving all the insides a good sanding I started hinging the doors. I am using Hafele inset hinges for this due to the columns each side of the doors.
I usually use Blum hinges so made a template for mounting the Hafele ones after working out the hole positions.
it was a good job i did a dry fit of the doors as they were a little bit 'tight' so I trimmed a little off the sides to fit.
I am having the weekend off as I am at a wedding tomorrow. Will get some more done on monday. :D
Mailee08/05/2013 21:05:05
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1235 photos

I finally got back in the shop today after a couple of outside jobs and got cracking on the units. I spent today sanding the units and getting the finish on them. I had already managed to get the sealer on so it was just a case of a good sanding with 320 grit and on with the lacquer.
I am now waiting for another sheet of veneered MDF as I was short for the top (Can't think how I got that wrong) Anyway I did manage to get everything else in a finish.
I am out of the shop again tomorrow so hopefully I should be back on the job on Friday.
Mailee09/05/2013 22:57:14
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I got back into the shop this afternoon and made a start on the two tall units. I spent the afternoon making the fluted columns for them. By the end of the day I had them ready for a finish.
more veneered panels arrive tomorrow so I shall be able to finish the top and get the other tall units cut out.
Mailee11/05/2013 20:06:19
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Had a good day in the workshop yesterday and today and got started on the rest of the top. Started by adding the solid wood edging.
While it was in the clamps I cut out the shelves for the units.
When the edging was glued I routed the profile on it and cut a profile where the two tops meet. Adding biscuit joints to attach it together I then dry fitted it to the units.
I left the shelves in the clamps tonight with the edging attached.
Mailee13/05/2013 20:28:02
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Well it was another disastrous day today as my surface planer packed up again! Same symptoms as before but this time it doesn't seem to be the switch? I didn't really have time to 'play around' with it so left it and got on with the removable top. I had to edge all of the sides of the veneered MDF and then rout a reverse of the edge moulding on the worktop edge. This process took a while to do but I ended up with a good fit on the top.
Here is a close up of the joint.
I then added the folding leg and a stop block to the end along with a handle to help remove it from the drawer slot.
This is the end where the top will be housed.
I will have to see what happens tomorrow as I need to get the planer sorted out. Looks like I may have to call in the professionals on this one.
steve h14/05/2013 14:48:18
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I always enjoy the pictorial jouney you take us Mailee - very informative and also lovely work - as usual!!!!!!


Mailee15/05/2013 21:53:50
1048 forum posts
1235 photos

Thanks Steve. Afraid there are no photos today of WIP, but I did get the planer working again, turns out it was the starter capacitor at fault. I machined up a bit more of the oak and later this afternoon I got the top lacquered and made a good start on the tall thin book case. I was rushing a bit to catch up hence no photos but will get some more tomorrow.

Michael Forster 216/05/2013 08:47:20
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some nice work here, Mailee - and nice to see the process. I agree with you about MDF, although I hate working in it. I'm just planning a study unit in ash-venered mdf for our home, and I'm seriously considering doing the unthinkable and using plain mdf for the parts that are only seen from inside - it's a study unit to which only we shall have access and we really don't care if it's plain brown when we open a door!

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