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Practical Woodworking

Practical Woodworking

In the latest issue of Practical Woodworking - September/November 2012

Old timer21/09/2012 13:59:45
30 forum posts
21 photos

Hi, I have Goodwoodworking from issue one to the last one , I also have The Practical woodworking from issue one,to the latest one, I was not all pleased to find that an atical that was in GW in may 2008, has been reissued in 2012, in a sister magazine, this to me means that I have payed for the same item twice, I know that we are living in hard time, but I would prefer to see new, and not used before items in the magazines,. are the magazine running out of ideas,??

Older Beginner21/09/2012 14:51:28
5 forum posts

While I tend to agree with Old Timer, I do expect to find that some topics are repeated, but also reworked to take into account later developments etc. There must be a limit somewhere of new topics on the one subject. While I realise that the world of woodworking is a vast area, repition in some instances must surely be unavoidable.

George Arnold21/09/2012 20:07:17
1834 forum posts
191 photos

I have just cancelled my subscription to Good Woodworking,I found I was not looking at the last issue before the new one arrived,

I tried to recall any project I had made from the articles in the mag? I can't, I may of course have used some information gleaned from its pages.

As for repeating articles they must be pushed to get out 13 mags a year, and it must be a job not to repeat over the years.,

I still look at this site regularly but I don't sign in. George

Big Al22/09/2012 08:53:20
1604 forum posts
73 photos

I stopped buying woodworking magazines on a regular basis around 6 years ago, as I found that although topics and articles were not repeated word for word, the subject content would turn up from time to time. However most hobbyist magazines will repeat themselves over time.

I have made one or two projects from magazines, but usually my projects come from the depths of my mind, so sometimes all I am looking for is inspiration, and that can sometimes be found on the internet.

Like George I look at this site on a regular basis.


Oddjob22/09/2012 10:06:26
1635 forum posts
79 photos

Repetition or re-hash of articles is important to magazines because it is cheap! A significant proportion of readers are impulse customers who only buy the mags occasionally so they don't even notice repetition. Long-term readers/subscribers are not a consideration. The publishers do little to support or encourage existing subscribers but they do want to attract new subscribers - hence incentives for new subscriptions but nothing for long term loyal subscribers.

Similarly it seems the publishers have no interest in this site other than as a platform for advertisements.  Have you seen any new instructional videos lately?  Have you seen any posts from magazine staff or contributors?  At least two of them post regularly on another forum.  Have you clicked the"Win!" button lately?  What you get is:

"We don't currently have any competitions available. Please check back soon as we're adding new ones all the time!

Well, they don't add new ones do they?  Just what do they do with all of the stuff that arrives on the magazine desk for review?  Don't answer that, I can guess.

That's my winge for the day.


Edited By Oddjob on 22/09/2012 10:15:05

daveO22/09/2012 16:33:27
250 forum posts
32 photos
Posted by Oddjob on 22/09/2012 10:06:26:

Have you seen any posts from magazine staff or contributors?

Well not quite sure iff Mailee or Paul Bodiam would agree with that one matesmiley


Derek Lane22/09/2012 20:46:24
3219 forum posts
1004 photos
Posted by Oddjob on 22/09/2012 10:06:26:

The publishers do little to support or encourage existing subscribers but they do want to attract new subscribers - hence incentives for new subscriptions but nothing for long term loyal subscribers.

Simple answer is to subscribe to another companies mag offering an incentive to take a subscription then at the end of the year change againteeth 2.

Ivor the engine23/09/2012 09:13:23
270 forum posts
46 photos

I agree with all above, This site has been going down the pan over the last year and a half from what I have seen, I have a different gripe I cancelled my Digital subscription because last year I was not asked if I wanted renew my subscription and they went ahead and took it out causing me to be overdrawn and incuring a charge of £30 which I manage to talk my self out of, I was going to take it up with the publishers but having read the help other members have had with their problems on this site I did not bother, They did ask me for a feed back but if they read this they will have it,

End of my gripe,

Take care,


Danny24/09/2012 10:34:22
31 forum posts
11 articles

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd better put a post in here to clarify the situation with regards to the re-use of material in our woodworking magazines.

Both The Woodworker and Good Woodworking magazines publish articles each month that are original commissions and have not appeared in print elsewhere. Neither title publishes repeat material. Practical Woodworking is intentionally a different type of magazine. Since monthly publication of the title ceased in 2007, it was decided to republish material from all three of the company¹s titles in themed form on a
quarterly basis, in order to offer readers a handy reference library of articles on related subjects.

Kind regards,


George Arnold25/09/2012 19:58:11
1834 forum posts
191 photos

Hi Guys

Richard is correct, nothing for loyalty, since cancelling I have an email offering incentives to take out a new subscription. I agree with Ivor the site has gone downhill, It has lost a certain sparkle or Sparky always showing us what he was doing, searching out answers to questions posed .

On another site I look at the editor has a blog as have the other writers for the magarzine, it would be nice if now and then someone from the mag wrote a post if only to put forward their veiw on any subject being discussed.


Ron Davis26/09/2012 19:02:17
1619 forum posts
201 photos

You are right again George, this site is not what it was with out Sparky. The successful sites all seem to ahve a central figure who is accessible to all and responds to all posts.

We have Derek and Richard to offer advice or just respond other wise it would be even worse.

Makes you wonder if any of the mag staff actually do any woodwork


steve h27/09/2012 07:39:05
403 forum posts
128 photos

Ron, you are right - there are a lot of the 'lads' on the site - they are the ones that are keeping it going and there is no interaction between the owners and the users -

What was Sparkies posting count? - In he several thousands - and current 'mod' has a posting amount of 27!

Ok, i know that i post intermittenly and although was one of the very early members, kind of withdrew from the site more and more.

I still check to see what everyone is up to two or three times per week, but dont log in or post myself.

I have also cancelled subscriptions to getwoodworking but still get the woodworker.

As with all businesses I realise the need for commerce and that they need to make a profit from their activities - but the site has lost it's soul and if were not for the many talented individuals from this site that keep posting and helping others out - it would surely fail.

How about taking it back a few years - pre-aquisition and lets have more videos, more interaction and a site that was as vibrant and fresh as it used to be - its lost its way!

Ivor the engine27/09/2012 08:04:09
270 forum posts
46 photos

Well said Steve,


PS Do we remenber Ben,

Take care.

Eric Harvey 127/09/2012 09:03:02
221 forum posts
81 photos

it seems to me all the mags and their staff aren`t what they used to be,they seem to repeat articles every 3-4years,I have the local shop save mine,so I only need 2 weeks notice to cancel and won`t get bank charges for things that are charged for after canceling.I now only buy The Woodworker & woodturner and woodturning mags but even they are getting very samey now,rant over,regards,


Derek Lane27/09/2012 12:59:58
3219 forum posts
1004 photos

Thank you Ron just trying to help where I can thats all

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