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Elektra beckum HC260E, Vintage ?

planer thicknesser

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Kevin Higgins21/03/2011 22:16:55
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Hi all,
I've just been given an old elektra beckum HC260e planer thicknesser from a friend whose dad had to retire due to failing sight . It seem they have had the machine for as long as they can remember .It's the really old type with the motor clipped onto the side and a drill fitting attached to the other side . It needs a belt but looks ok .I'll be picking it up tomorrow and will put up some photos for all to see .i thought it might bring back memories for some of the more experienced ( older !!!) members of the forum . Maybe someone had one and can pass on a few tips . I'll probably be stripping it down a bit to clean it up etc . Like I said , I'll post pics tomor ..Anyone remember this model ? if it was a car , would it now be classed as a vintage model ??? haha
Kevin Higgins23/03/2011 10:56:48
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Hi again all ,
Since collecting this machine , I've been googling , it seems there was an attachment at the side for drilling and mortising ? Has anyone any experience of this ? is it worth trying to find one or has anyone got one lying around in the back of a workshop anywhere ?
Olly Parry-Jones23/03/2011 17:28:52
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If you have any photos of your new machine then, I'm sure that would help. I've seen mortising attachments on other machines (they're most commonly found on combination or universal machines) where you also have a table that can travel along three axis' (X, Y and Z). Never used one though so, I cannot comment on whether or not they are any better than a budget-priced mortiser. Could be useful, though.
Mailee23/03/2011 23:34:51
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Hi Kevin. I used to have one of the Electra Beckum P/T as you describe, I bought it new around 15 years ago and it was a great machine. I now have an Elu machine which is very similar to the Beckum. This also has the motor mounted on the side like the Beckum too. As for the slot morticer for the other side, they were an accessory that bolted onto the side of the machine. If you look at this side you will see some threaded holes below the cutter collet threads. On these a small table was mounted which had a handle on it that could slide the table in/out and from side to side. On the end of the planer block you would attach a large collet that took what looked like a big router cutter. The idea was that the timber is clamped to the table and plunged into the spinning cutter and then moved from one side to the other to cut the mortice slot. there were Adjustable stops on the table for plunge depth and mortice length. I have never used one myself but have seen one in operation. It is a quick way to cut a mortice but of course has rounded ends. I have always preferred a dedicated mortice machine myself so never bothered buying the accessory. HTH. Oh and the only reason I sold the Electra Beckum machine was because I had to close my shop for a while. I would still be using it otherwise.
Kevin Higgins24/03/2011 08:47:56
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Thanks very much for the info , I got it home last night and although it looks very old , everything seems to be ok . I'll start cleaning it up and see how it goes . Unfortunately , I cant afford a new machine so to recieve a gift of this is great . I'm sure I'll make use of it . I quite like pottering around in my shed so it will be fun getting it back into shape
Kevin Higgins25/03/2011 13:23:42
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Here are some photos of my Antique !!! Does it remind anyone of the good old days ????
Motor clips onto side and is removable .
The drill chuck attached to the side is part of an old drilling and mortising attachment which used to have a special table bolted onto side . I dont have this and personally dont think it would have been very accurate !

If you look above , there is a clip on the side for holding the planing fence , unfortunately , I did not recieve this when given the machine . If anyone has one laying around idle , I'd appreciate it , or if anyone has plans for making a custom one ??/

SammyJ21/08/2011 09:49:46
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Hi Everyone
I have an HC260 (a great little machine) and also have the morticing attachment. Morticing works very well and is remarkably accurate. I am now selling all of my woodworking machinery (arthritis getting worse). The next thing to go is the morticing attachment together with the cutters - anyone any ideas where I should offer it for sale?
Location: Dorset, England.
Simon Reeves21/08/2011 10:03:18
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I would suggest ebay, Freeads and the free Reader Ads in GWW. Might have been better to start a separate thread for this as the original posting is nearly 18 months old.
SammyJ21/08/2011 11:09:10
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Dear Simon
Many thanks. I will give ebay a try.
Tom Monaghan29/09/2011 10:44:27
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I bought this same machine from a guy down the road a few months back and have been trying to set it up to work. I noticed when i removed the motor that there is a nylon sort of paddle that fits to the motor side and then slots into the pully side and it is broken. I called Metabo and they said it's not available anymore.
Anyone got any advice on how or where a replacement can be got?
Tom Monaghan29/09/2011 10:46:17
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PS I think my login account is too new to add pictures.

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Nick White 103/01/2012 20:00:13
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Hi Kevin,
I have one of these machines, bought new in 1981. done sterling service for 30 years. I don't have the morticing attachment, but remember seeing it. getting belts shouldn't be difficult. I buy them from Express bearings in our town for about £4 - much cheaper that I used to be charged by the dealer. The detachable motor also fitted a spindle moulder, but by the time I'd bought a spindle, it had it's own dedicated motor. the weak point is the link between the motor and the machine - the socket into which the cross bar fits broke on mine some years ago. it is now bound together by fitting a jubilee clip round the out side, which has run on for years with no trouble. I also made a dust extraction hood from light sheet aluminium, can send photos if you like.
Regards, Nick
Kevin Higgins03/01/2012 21:28:00
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Hi Nick
That would be great , I've not been using it to be honest but I have been pondering making a hood and fence . I put new blades on it but need to do some more to it , I find that the infeed and outfeed rollers are a little worn so it seems that the outfeed roller during thicknessing is a little too high ? it means that the timber bounces and gets lots of snipe . I really must get into shed and do some pottering .
Kevin H
Paul Owen 126/01/2012 12:22:19
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Hi kevin
How are you getting on with your HC260? I was given one of these the other day and will be refurbishing it. Already put new knives in. It needs a new drive belt, no idea where to get one though. Testing the thicknesser it didnt go too well, the wood stopped feeding and after pushing it through the piece came out with a wavey finnish. I think the outfeed roller didnt do its job. I'm thinking of ways to rubber coat the in and outfeed rollers. Luckily mine has its original fence.
Kevin Higgins26/01/2012 15:26:14
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Hi Paul ,
I got a new drive belt fairly easily here in Ireland so I presume you will pick one up fairly easily . I'll take the number off it later for you . I've been having the same problem with mine while thicknessing too ... I have not been using it but meant to look at it when I get time , I presume the outfeed roller is set too high or maybe wear over the years . I dont see a way of adjusting it though . Maybe you will be able to solve the problem and let me know ?
Kevin H.

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