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In this month's Good Woodworking

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Mike Riley14/10/2008 13:31:00
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Mike if you do my work as well, then I'll surf t'internet and make posts for both of us. ): Cheers Mike (Speaking of work, I only came in here for a cup of tea - must get back to it).
Andy King14/10/2008 14:01:00
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Hi Mike (G)

This is the joint Olly was on about.
The top pic shows how it should look when you cut through a tail when removing for a lid etc.

(slightly off topic, did you ever play against Richard 'Reggie' Williams who was understudy to Jack Russell? He used to play for our local team when he could - took a few catches and stumped a few off my bowling, which i'm pretty chuffed with! - Great bloke as well!)



Sparky15/10/2008 02:27:00
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I really like this joint but, I bet its got Mike stumped! 


Mike Garnham15/10/2008 08:07:00
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I can't remember whether I actually played against Reggie or not (I assume I did), but I certainly knew of him. He was one of those slightly unlucky keepers who happened to be around when all the Counties had established incumbents......therefore a life of second team cricket and the odd game whilst Jack was away was his lot.

Hidden talents Andy!! ......Bowling ................& turning!!!!

That is a nice looking joint. I can't quite see when it would be used in place of the more orthodox dovetail though (*), but I've now got it stored away in case the need ever arises. One of the problems of being self-taught is that you don't know the names of various just work out the joint you need from first principals, unaware of whether it has ever been made before. So I was completely stumped when I read "double rabbetted dovetail".


*.......I've worked it out! (I think)......if you needed to rebate all around the inside of a dovetailed frame then this is the joint for you!! ???

Andy King15/10/2008 08:57:00
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Hi Mike,

Yep, Reggie was in and out of the Gloucester side when JR was on test duty and did well enough, but how do you permanently dispose the then England No1! He was being chased by a few counties at the time, but stayed loyal to them, which probably cost him a bit more fame and maybe fortune.

As for the joint? It's used on boat hatches as it has water integrity from both sides of the joint. A standard dovetail has an open shoulder. You could use a rebate without the splay, but the old shipwright who introduced me to it when I was involved in building a replica ship in Bristol said it was tradition to show the bevelling, so I've done them like it since. I'm unlikely to use it elsewhere, i have to admit!
I watched Rob Cosman demoing at Axminster a few years ago and he runs a micro rebate along one part of the joint as a solid reference for marking out and a clean line, so I suppose that could be an adaptation.


Mike Garnham15/10/2008 09:06:00
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There was very little fame and absolutely no fortune to be had playing county cricket!!! Money was never a factor for me, as I was just happy to be paid at all for playing a game, but the Chief Executive's PA was paid more than the players!!!

Yes, that micro-rebate is a good idea, and I've done it myself a number of times over the years. It certainly helps to keep everything aligned properly for marking out, and the line of the inside of the joint is cleaner.

Next time I'm making a ships hatch I will remember this joint!


Olly Parry-Jones15/10/2008 09:46:00
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Jack Russell? He was in my village only a few weeks ago! I think Cleeve were playing a Gloucerstershire CCL, or something... Don't ask me, I'm not a cricket fan!!
Sparky15/10/2008 12:56:00
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Weve got a Jack Russell living next door to us..........always barking.........
Mike Garnham15/10/2008 12:57:00
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So was the wicket-keeper!!
Sparky15/10/2008 13:14:00
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Dave Atkinson15/10/2008 18:52:00
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I've only recently subscribed and so far I'm enjoying every issue. I like the mix of articles about boatbuidling, timber suppleirs etc etc as well as the projects. I should finish reading this issue tonight.

I do mainly turning as some of you know but I do get the tools out and make squarer things from time to time. I even made myself a bench the other day - nothing fancy but it works for me.

Cheers Dave

George Arnold17/10/2008 20:26:00
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 Hi Guys

 I have just returned from sunny Spain, and have had a quick look through this months  Good Woodworking, I see the subject of reviewing the cheaper range of wood working machinery has again raised it head, there must be a certain amount of politics involved, surely the magazine has one hand tied behind it's back how can they say that the companies advertising in their magazine are in their view selling a load of "crap" you don't bite the hand that feeds you,

But on this site we as members can post a review without fear or predjudice, several attempts have been made to get this up and running, perhaps having perchased a cheepie we don't like to admit that we have wasted our money and wished we had spent more in the first place  which would work out cheaper in the long run . I look at all the adverts for lathes/machines and wonder where they all go there must be hundreds languishing in garages and sheds only used for a short time because they don't work as well as expected from the advert,


Olly Parry-Jones18/10/2008 20:07:00
2776 forum posts
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To be fair, most of the smaller, cheaper machinery is reviewed in The Woodworker, not Good Wood (regardless of where the advertisements appear). I think this has some reflection on the audience to which each of the two magazines is directed (and I'm sure Jon and Ben have come on the forum to clarify this before).

I take Andy's point (from his reply in the previous issue) as to why he doesn't look to compare all the identical machines at the bottom of the market. But, I agree with the letter in the latest issue - it would be good to know, for example, whether it's worth spending an extra £300-400 on a Kity 619 table saw (with all the accessories) instead of going for one of the £300 Axminster/Fox/Charnwood clones. What do you really get for your money??? I can see a full length rip fence but, that's about it!

Ralph Harvey18/10/2008 20:16:00
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I havnt actually bought it yet this month, but i did sneak a look in Smiths earlier today.

Whilst i have refrained from complaining about the content recently, i must admit this month the content is both good and not so good, i agree with most of the above i do have to say though.. Dave Roberts is a great turner, he tought me a lot when i started, and his work is amazing but do we really need another Dave Roberts story, after all he has had a complete magazine dedicated to him,

Why not profile some of the lesser known woodworkers, like The Woodworker has recently

I will have to buy the magazine now to read it in full.


Jim Beach23/10/2008 12:36:00
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Tried to send an e-mail to Jon Bentman ( regarding the Robin Nance article, it came back undelivered. Is this the correct address?

Comment on the content of GW, I do not do any turning so some of the magazine is of no interest to me therefore not good value.


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