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In this month's Good Woodworking

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Mike Garnham15/10/2008 12:57:00
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So was the wicket-keeper!!
Sparky15/10/2008 13:14:00
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Dave Atkinson15/10/2008 18:52:00
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I've only recently subscribed and so far I'm enjoying every issue. I like the mix of articles about boatbuidling, timber suppleirs etc etc as well as the projects. I should finish reading this issue tonight.

I do mainly turning as some of you know but I do get the tools out and make squarer things from time to time. I even made myself a bench the other day - nothing fancy but it works for me.

Cheers Dave

George Arnold17/10/2008 20:26:00
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 Hi Guys

 I have just returned from sunny Spain, and have had a quick look through this months  Good Woodworking, I see the subject of reviewing the cheaper range of wood working machinery has again raised it head, there must be a certain amount of politics involved, surely the magazine has one hand tied behind it's back how can they say that the companies advertising in their magazine are in their view selling a load of "crap" you don't bite the hand that feeds you,

But on this site we as members can post a review without fear or predjudice, several attempts have been made to get this up and running, perhaps having perchased a cheepie we don't like to admit that we have wasted our money and wished we had spent more in the first place  which would work out cheaper in the long run . I look at all the adverts for lathes/machines and wonder where they all go there must be hundreds languishing in garages and sheds only used for a short time because they don't work as well as expected from the advert,


Olly Parry-Jones18/10/2008 20:07:00
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To be fair, most of the smaller, cheaper machinery is reviewed in The Woodworker, not Good Wood (regardless of where the advertisements appear). I think this has some reflection on the audience to which each of the two magazines is directed (and I'm sure Jon and Ben have come on the forum to clarify this before).

I take Andy's point (from his reply in the previous issue) as to why he doesn't look to compare all the identical machines at the bottom of the market. But, I agree with the letter in the latest issue - it would be good to know, for example, whether it's worth spending an extra £300-400 on a Kity 619 table saw (with all the accessories) instead of going for one of the £300 Axminster/Fox/Charnwood clones. What do you really get for your money??? I can see a full length rip fence but, that's about it!

Ralph Harvey18/10/2008 20:16:00
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I havnt actually bought it yet this month, but i did sneak a look in Smiths earlier today.

Whilst i have refrained from complaining about the content recently, i must admit this month the content is both good and not so good, i agree with most of the above i do have to say though.. Dave Roberts is a great turner, he tought me a lot when i started, and his work is amazing but do we really need another Dave Roberts story, after all he has had a complete magazine dedicated to him,

Why not profile some of the lesser known woodworkers, like The Woodworker has recently

I will have to buy the magazine now to read it in full.


Jim Beach23/10/2008 12:36:00
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Tried to send an e-mail to Jon Bentman ( regarding the Robin Nance article, it came back undelivered. Is this the correct address?

Comment on the content of GW, I do not do any turning so some of the magazine is of no interest to me therefore not good value.


Dave Atkinson23/10/2008 12:46:00
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Interesting thought that because you don't turn the mag isn't good value. I don't do many things that are written about the magazine (I'm primarily a truner) but I still believe it provides good value overall.


Andy King23/10/2008 12:58:00
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Hi Jim,

 the correct email Jon is:
Quite why there an 'H' in there is anyone's guess!

As for the turning, Good Woodworking has always had turning in it, although we don't seem to have the entry level stuff like we used to.
I think with magazines such as ours that are designed for woodworking in general rather than specialising on a specific area, there is likely to be a part where its not going to appeal to everyone.
Turning is a good example as it is often its own subject, and you can make plenty of things without going near any other woodworking, but there are others who may find it useful if  they want to incorporate turning within traditional cabinetry work for instance.

It's always going to be a tricky balance when there are numerous subjects to cover!



Jim Beach23/10/2008 15:50:00
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your replies. I will try the new e-mail address.

I take both your points about catering for cabinet makers and turners but feel that they are different disiplines and I wonder how many people are serious about both. That is not to say that we can apreciate the skills of both.

You only have to attend one of the woodworking shows to see the amount of interest there is in turning and of course there are magazines that specificaly cater for this woodworking skill. There are also magazines that cater for funiture & cabinet making.

In these days when money is tight what sort of magazine will people go for? My thought is one that fully caters for their interest rather than one that is general, but thats just my personal feeling.

Thanks again for your replies



Ralph Harvey25/10/2008 00:19:00
3274 forum posts
315 photos
2 articles

Just managed to get my copy this month, and must admit i was/am plesently supprised by it, a very informative article on dovetails, as a joiner i have not needed to cut them too often and not sure when the last time was but i found the hand verse machine a good read this month,

The article "guarding the drop" has somewhat dropped me in the mire as my wife has taken a likeing to the style and would quite like it around the front of the house so thanks for that  

The article on Dave Roberts dispite my previouse comment was quite informative my only concern is that unlike other magazines where there is a mix of turners and turning styles is it Dave or his Turning that is becoming more important, He is an excelent turner and probably one of the top turners around today so this is not a dig at him, however maybe he could introduce some other turners and there work to expand this side of the magazine ? just a thought

By the way what is the meaning behind "The Real Dave Roberts"? oh and the Chess board on page 18 is fantastic a great idea.

Might sound daft but i had never thought of making my own Finger planes ?  i can see some ideas to help me in this article great idea and very well laid out easy to follow.

The new style write up on the Get Woodworking site is still running well thanks for that.

Well off to continue reading now.


Richard Hawkins25/10/2008 08:29:00
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I went to Smiths to get the latest edition as dovetails is something I am playing with at the moment. I am playing with the Incra fence, but didn't notice it mentioned so didn't buy the mag. (I should point out that we are really hard up at the mo so I stopped my subscription, nothing personal!)

On the idea of "turning" in Good woodworking, I think it is a good balance. I have noticed this divide in the wood working would between turners and the rest. I say that because we are not all furniture makers. Some make toys, boxes, models, puzzles and all sorts.

As my interest is in boxes I want to be able to use turning when I need to to acomplish what I want. Unlike a lot of turners, I don't go into my workshop for a couple of hours and emerge covered in wood shavings with an elaberate bowl or candle stick. Turning for me is "when I have to!" So, I don't want to go and buy a special turning mag, but to have the articles that are there is really helpful. Occassionally I remember a technique in a past edition and dig it out and it has been helpful.

 A while back Andy went under Dave's tuition, I remember there were complaints about the number of photos of Andy. But I thought it lightened the mag. Sometimes it can be a bit too high end and serious. I love those features on the top guys and gal (I have only seen one that I remember!) 

I think it is true that you can learn from a master, but what you don't see is the years of mistakes, what you see is the perfected technique. Watching novices can teach you by their mistakes. But then the trouble is it is down to what is edited, it is no good having novices if all their mistakes are edited out. Anyone can be made to look good in the media. Most bad habits are common to us all.

But that said, it has always been my favourite woodworking mag.


Toothy25/10/2008 21:12:00
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Hi Guys

I like the comments about The Woodworker but at the moment I can't join in as my copy hasn't arrived


is there an e-mail at customer services that us overseas guys can use.


Jim Beach26/10/2008 10:10:00
37 forum posts

Hi Toothy,

Sorry your mag hasn't arrived. I noticed that you are overseas, do you know of a way of finding out where contributers actualy live? It doen't appear to be in anyones profile and I think it would be quite usefull.


Toothy26/10/2008 15:19:00
458 forum posts
67 photos

Hi Jim

Unless the contributer puts it in his/her profile it appears not to be available. Ben may be able to confirm/expandon this.

I am in South Africa. I've noticed members in New Zealand, Canada Germany so far.


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