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Get Woodworking live 2010 turning competition

A few shots of the entrants

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Sparky14/03/2010 19:10:13
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22 photos
Truly amazed at the high standard in the turning competition in all classes.
Absolutely stunning artwork in themselves. Great ideas (something I lack in ) and time taken to produce these items.

Loads more images can be seen >> here <<
 Well done to everyone who entered.
Hopefully some news will come of the winners so keep looking.
George Arnold14/03/2010 19:35:43
1834 forum posts
191 photos
Glad you made the show, there where some excellent pieces on show, I did not think the labeling of the entries was very well done , odd bits of paper, I would have thought  nice card all of the same size wih the details of class etc all nicely printed the entrants name coul be written by hand, not really a moan ,just a suggesrion.
 I saw several names  I recognised from the web, it must be hard to judge a mixed  lot of work like there was on show, I wonder where turning and carving  can be seperated , some pieces where just turned others the amount of carving that had taken place the could not be judged as turning,
Ps Sparky did you go Sat or Sun.
Sparky14/03/2010 19:53:56
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi George
I was glad to get there after all the traffic problems I ran into
I went yesterday mate and there was just enough people there as to not get in the way of viewing things around the place. Obviously the demonstrations were very popular and was very happy to see the layout was excellent to stop the outside noise blocking the voices.....those screens work wonders.

Regarding the name tags, yes I agree they should of been a bit better presented........I do know that things were slightly rushed due to staff being caught up in traffic and doing other things, they were run off their feet..........I would think next years show will hit the headlines on all good points..........lets hope so hey

The turning and cut out work (sorry, forgot the proper name of the piece) was both outstanding and, like you, must of been very hard to mark by the judges...........I wonder if the entrants put all the details on how the projects were made?..........

Which day did you go George and what did you think of the show?

Oddjob14/03/2010 20:53:08
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79 photos
Thanks for the pics Marc - almost as good as being there I reckon!
There is some really wonderful stuff But, as I think you said in another thread, where does turning stop and carving (or other woodworking skill) take over.  Nonetheless - excellent designs and high quality workmanship.
I'd be prepared to bet that this Is Ralph's entry - brilliant! 
Sparky14/03/2010 21:10:28
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Richard
Glad to have had the opportunity to take the photos mate. Glad to share them too
I do agree with you in regards to the carving/cutting out/turning projects, like George said, it must of been a nightmare to judge and being a turning competition, where to start!
The little bowl to the right of the clock was (I think) Ralph's also.........such quality of the projects and ideas I can see some of them working there way on here.........lets hope so.
Would be nice to see how some of them were made and put into a 'How to' for us to learn. I think Ralph did mention he was doing something like that (or I may have that wrong...I blame the drugs )
Ralph Harvey14/03/2010 23:11:12
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Thanks Richard
Yes the clock is one of mine as is the lidded pot and the triangular bowl on legs i will put more pictures on tommorow,
The standard of entries was very good and i am not at all supprised i didnt get anywhere, i must admit i was a little supprised with the eventual winners but thats another story.
As to the issue of carving piercing and decorating work, ten years ago i was in a similar position when we were producing decorated work on the lathe like lattices and competing against carved twists in the end there is no answer, looking back it was a wise choice to embrace advances in the craft, and now i will try all types of turning.
What we need to remember is unlike some trades that are still trades turning has had to develope into a craft and we are now artists, better to embrace change and keep our craft going than loose it the same way many other trades/crafts have gone.
I do hope there will be more opertunity to do what we do and that the standard keeps growing as i have seen in the short time i have been back.!
As to the "How To" yes i will be doing that this week for the pen stand.
Sparky14/03/2010 23:33:34
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Your entries where as usual of very high standing.

Cracking projects. Be nice to see some better images tomorrow.
Well done to you.
All winners in my view!!
Alan T.15/03/2010 08:19:14
1033 forum posts
98 photos
The standard of entries is just amazing. Sorry and surprised you did not get a prize Ralph.
The debate about where turning ends and carving begins will I suspect never end. What I have noticed at a craft shop I visit occasionally is that the people who buy wooden items be they turned or otherwise, want originality and exclusivity for which they will pay realistic prices. I wonder how many turners are like me with a box full of items they don't know what to do with. I usually take them to a charity shop when there is no more room or burn the ones I'm not very proud of.  Alan T. 

Edited By Alan T. on 15/03/2010 08:20:30

Richard Kennedy15/03/2010 10:56:34
14 forum posts
22 photos
Have the winners been announced yet? I would love to see the winning photos!
Clare Hiscock15/03/2010 11:25:45
69 forum posts
10 photos
Winners! Sorry fro the delay it has also been announced on 

 Prestige –

First Prize – Margaret Garrard

Second Prize – Bryan Scott

Third Prize –Rod Page


First Prize –D Matthews

Second Prize – N Edwards

Third Prize – Brian Mills

Edited By sparky on 30/03/2010 19:13:52

George Arnold16/03/2010 17:23:36
1834 forum posts
191 photos
Are there any pictures of the winning pieces yet? or have I missed them? if they don't come up today I will not see them for a while.
Sparky16/03/2010 17:48:49
7631 forum posts
22 photos
They haven't turned up as of yet mate but, I will keep a link for you when your eyes are ready.
Ron Davis16/03/2010 19:33:46
1619 forum posts
201 photos
Good luck George, hope to hear from you soon
Alan Funnell23/03/2010 20:14:35
4 forum posts
I know this question was asked about a week ago but is there anywhere where we can see photos of the winning pieces yet?
I am intrigued and would like to see what items won. 
They could of course be somewhere on here and I'm just not looking in the right place.  That's what comes from being a newbie!
Ron Davis23/03/2010 20:20:48
1619 forum posts
201 photos
Do I get the impression that no pictures were taken of the winners, missed a point there if so as it would have made a page in the mag
Perhaps the winners will post pix of their entries, I have posted two which did not win

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