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Sam04/03/2010 18:43:21
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Well my insurance runs out on sunday  for my van , so off i look and make some enquiries on the webnet .  and i get varying prices from £450 to £800  .
Now that makes you think , same van , same person etc massively different prices . 
So then I played a game as I hate insurance companies as they are all scamming ....Happy thoughts sam happy thoughts LOL
As I then phoned them  I played a game . Its called " lying to save money . I tell them a fictional amount of what i have been quoted . AND it works , my best quote is now £254 . same deal same package  , and that came from a company who originaly quoted nearly £600 at the start .
So my point is  dont trust em . they are quick enough no to pay out as my wife found out the hard way . And I saved a bundle .   sweet . 
kind regards sam 

Alan T.04/03/2010 19:04:17
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Hello Sam,  When I tried a similar tactic for the car insurance recently the Company I settled on accepted the proposal and then when the D.D. had been set up they asked for documentary confirmation of the competitor's quote,which of course I could not produce.
 The result was an increase in premium or cancellation. On reflection I think honesty is the best policy.   Cheers    Alan T.
Sparky04/03/2010 19:12:06
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I thought by now you would of learnt this country survives on us poor gullible people and its only through doing what others abroad do that we can make a saving.
We all can try bartering on the web, phone and high does work.

Well done and I hope others may get the same.
dennis wake04/03/2010 21:29:20
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hi Sam
    i have just renued my car insurance the insurers of last year quoted 450 and as you i quoted on the net and got one from a diferant brocker and got it for 280 with the same insurer how is that.
Delete05/03/2010 00:03:54
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There is one answer to car insurance. If you have a fair few quid dont insure the car. It is a Myth, people say you have to have Insurance. Believe me you dont. 
If you wish you can lodge a large sum of money with the Treasurey and have a certificate of Indemnity.
I have only ever seen two of these one was the MoD the other a very large PLC who shall remain nameless.
So for us mere mortals we carry on paying the Insurance Parasites, sorry I mean companies
Delete05/03/2010 00:06:29
575 forum posts
Another poiint on telling Lies to the Insurance company. If in the event of a claim they discover you made a false declaration when applying you stand a good chance of having the claim rejected. The grounds for rejection would be "A false material decelaration".
May not be worth it.
Sam05/03/2010 19:47:18
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Ah yes , I do agree that you shouldnt fib about the serious stuff . But when they ask you your best price so far , why not as it is amaziing when they say £500 , and you say £300 and you get a reply of " oh just let me see what i can do "   , all of a sudden it is the same price or a little cheaper . .Parasites they are . And surely if it is me and my van the price would be the same or close  , not such a large varaiance .
My dislike for them is that my partner payed her insurance as usual and year before last some stupid little pubescent twerp drives in to her .   On paying out time , they tell us we would only get half the value as it was an X plate . We didnt know honestly . Amazing they never picked it up till when it was paying out time , and they would'nt refund half the policy value either . Then they argued about value of clothing and tried getting us to pay for the courtesy car , even though it wasnt her fault and the other driver had admitted fault . All this going on while my wife was still traumatized and my daughter had just come out of hospital still badly scarred and unable to open one eye .  All about the money .And beleive it or not the clains are still going on over 18 months on .
I have no love for them but unfortunately we have to use  them !!   Bit like politicians LOL
Kind regards Sam
Rant over ....who wants the soap box next .!! 
George Arnold05/03/2010 21:48:47
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The time you find if you have a good insurance is when you have an accident, any cheap insurance will do till thenThe wifes had a couple of prangs in our moter,one the cause of the accident drove of, another shunted the car in the rear, and my insurance , took the car repaired the damage with a five year warranty,i pay to have a courtesy car in my insurance
Delete06/03/2010 12:09:59
575 forum posts
Sorry I dont understand the X plate bit. Forgive me if I am being dense but can you explain.
The car should have a market value which is relative to age and condition. Buy a car today for say £10,000 and you will be lucky to get £9,000 on Insurance, Tomorow.
The answer to the Insurance compamy is to go to another ask friends who they are with and have they claimed and what they think.

Edited By Roger B on 06/03/2010 12:11:51

Sam06/03/2010 19:08:50
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Roger ..  It is not an X plate literaly . It is an ex-right off ( deemed to be to expensive to repair by an insurance company .  So "apparently" it is not worth as much .  So we didnt get as much ! even though we were unaware off this when buying .
Kind regards Sam 
Alan T.07/03/2010 08:56:26
1033 forum posts
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Hello Sam,  Insurance companies like you to make a false declaration on your application form, the facts of which they check very carefully at the onset. They then take your money, secure in the knowledge that if you do make a claim they can use it to avoid paying out or reduce the value of the payment significantly. By and large they win every time. As George pointed out, You get what you pay for in the end.  Alan T.
Delete07/03/2010 11:40:06
575 forum posts
Thanks for the explanation. I now understand. If you bought the car from a trader they should have informed you. If not you can i believe make a claim against them. If it was a private sale then the old addage of Buyer Beware comes in.
Ron Davis07/03/2010 17:21:20
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Sam, it sounds like youneed expert advice, which put you in the hands of another group of people to beware of, lawyers.
You should be able to claim uninsured losses from the young lad's policy
Robert Hopkins14/03/2010 19:27:43
3 forum posts
Insurance companies are like bookies, they tailor their prices to take into account risk, the more miles you travel, the more chances you have of being involved in an accident. Sam's problem is that he's asking for the most expensive policy which assumes that he's likely to be in Aberdeeen one day and Exeter the next, whereas in reality his day to day travel may be no more than 50 miles from home.
I'm self employed, and I use my van for my work, which is within a small geographical location, usually a maximum of 15 miles a day to my workshop and back. I've taken out a policy with The National Farmers Union, who do a restricted distance motor insurance. The vehicle is insured throughout the UK, but as long as say 80% of the travel is with the specified range, the premiums are cheaper than the 'normal' car insurance.
It's worth shopping around to see what companies offer as alternatives to the 'one size fits all' policies, and whether you qualify

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