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Spindle Moulder


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Sam12/02/2010 20:39:01
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Hi all , sorry for not posting in a while but have been ill and have just got back on track .  Any way  , I am off tomorrow to buy a spindle moulder I hope , well a gloryfied router .  It is the WoodStar BS52  . Althopugh it is just a router in a pritty metal housing , it does half 1/4 and 1/2 inch collett and is £170 .
My question is , does anyone have any experience of these , I know for that money I am not getting a real heavy duty spindle moulder , but hey , it is for hobby purposes .
Thanks in advance guys .
Kind regards Sam

Sparky13/02/2010 14:01:11
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Hi Sam.
Nice to see you posting again, Hope your feeling a lot better mate.
I'm sorry I cant help with the spindle moulder but, I'm sure you will get a few more posts later.
Good luck with it if you do buy.
Sam14/02/2010 19:30:51
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Cheers Sparks . Well I popped down to yandles yesterday and bought it . Then spent 2 hours putting it together .  Only to find it had 6, 8 and 12 mm collets . When I purchased it the label said 1/4 and 1/2 "  . So at 7 oclock I was a little miffed .  I was going to post but thought better of it and give the said chance to  correct the problem .  And after explaining the problem to them they had a look at the box and it did say just that 6,8 and 12 .   The only explanation was that they just had a new batch and they ( the manufacturer ) had change the collets .   
So we checked the older one on display and yes it had 1/4 and 1/2 " collets . So the kind lady let me take the collets away with me and removed the label with the collet sizes .   I have no beef with them as I gave them the chance to fix the problem and they did just that .  So big respect to them apposed to the usual sod off I would get from the merchants .   Very helpful and not their fault   and now i have 6mm , 8mm , 12mm , 1/4" and 1/2" collets as a bonus .  
Any way , will be firing it up tomorrow so will let you people know how i get on , and just for the record  , on closer inspection it is a router with the base removed and inserted in a clever little set up .    NOt the best but we will see
Kind regards Sam
Olly Parry-Jones14/02/2010 19:48:45
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It will be interesting to hear how you get on. I can't imagine it will be up to the job of replacing a real spindle moulder (!!) but, for smaller things and furniture making, it should be quite good. It certainly looks like a router table to me - why they called it a spindle moulder, I don't know!
I'm glad you didn't try to for an imperial cutter in to a metric collet - that could do some damage! Hold on to that 8mm collet though as 8mm bits often represent better value (and a stronger shank) than their 1/4" equivalents.
Andy Bell15/02/2010 19:05:05
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I've got woodstar bench saw and a planer thicknesser. They've done ok so far for the money but I did have to fettle them up, adjust etc. to get them running right and true. The instructions where useless and had to figure it all out myself.
Good luck with it
Sam17/02/2010 20:05:59
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Hi all .
 Well after much setting up and as said before , I would have found it easier putting it together using the microwave instructions . The translation was far from good and the pictures are very limited so bolt usage is guess work .
But having said that , it is true , it is a router mounted upside down and uses a simple sprocket system to raise and lower it .
I have used it for about 20 minutes now and has been pretty good so far . I had to modify the dust extraction port as it is ( was ) a grill leading in to the outlet .  I cut some of the bars out as it was stopping the bigger debris / chip passing and blocked up .
It wont replace a spindle moulder or any such piece of equipment and is sold in Yandles as a "wood Shaper" .   The router used does not look very special but looking at the mounting brackets and fixings it could easily be modified to take a better quality router unit .  
It has a lift range of about 50mm and the fence is adjustable on both sides back and forth and the left hand side can be adjusted independently of the right to allow fo machining differences .  It has 3 removal rings depending on the cutter you use .             
The exaction port is about 50mm and has an adaptor to go up to 100mm ..   I used my hoover as a form of extraction and it certainly sucks about 80% or the waste up .
I will not say it is the dogs Borlicks , but for the money I cant complain .  I will post up some pictures over the next couple of days for you lot to have a look at .
Kind regards   Sam
Sparky17/02/2010 21:22:28
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Hi Sam
Glad you have it 'almost' sorted out to your needs.
One thing I will say is.......if your getting large chips coming out, reduce the blades........a little at a time is better than nothing at all when everything is jambed.........and that's when the problems your fingers
 Thanks for the update
Sam18/02/2010 20:25:16
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110 photos
Cheers for that Marc .
  I do tend to try and take off small amounts at a time as the oak I put through was ok but when I tried to machine some sapellee it fluffed right up and soon blocked the port where the slats are only 5-8mm apart so I then doctored it slightly as shownand it works a treat
From this ..........

 And as promised a couple of other shots of the machine

 The only real Mod I will make is some feather boards as the ones fitted are ok but simple and dont allow much movement and pinch .
Cheers     Sam
Sparky19/02/2010 05:00:47
7631 forum posts
22 photos
I see what you mean Sam.
Great images, thanks for that.
Olly Parry-Jones19/02/2010 20:05:01
2776 forum posts
636 photos
Wow, I don't blame you for cutting most of the grill away, Sam - I've simple a simple 'cross'-shape on several dust extractors but that really is OTT!
Hope the machine serves you well. It is surprising that more manufacturers (thinking of the bigger names) haven't attempted to produce something like this, where a purpose-made router is built-in to the system... Plenty of manufacturers supply routers and tables individually but, it's quite an expensive way to get the same thing, if you look at it like that.
Delete20/02/2010 00:21:51
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I made an adaptor for my router table. so it will take normal Moulder knives.
Basically it is a turned piece of steel which fits the 1/2 collet and takes a Moulder head. The router should be run at a slower speed as the edge of the cutters travel much faster due to their larger diameter.  WHat I mean is their speed in feet per second not Revs per Min. It works well, but I would never reccomend someone making an adaptor to use a machine in a way not intended by the manufacturer.
Olly Parry-Jones20/02/2010 09:56:42
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Roger, I can't decide whether that sounds interesting or potentially lethal...!
Do you have any photos?
Delete24/02/2010 18:46:17
575 forum posts
It could be lethal if the tool was made from inferior materials. If it is turned from tool steel and fitted in a good Router strongly made and used with care you should be OK.  I have not had a problem so far.  You are spinning a large mass of metal. not too disimilar to Raised Pannel set. So the router speed must be reduced and only fine cuts taken at a time.
I would always reccomend caution when using a machine outside its designed Parameters. I use a Dado set on my table saw. The shaft was not long enough so an adaptor was turned by the same person who made the Router Moulder adaptor.
I dont have any photos but will take a couple for you. As I dont have any album on this site PM me and I will Email to you if you give me your email address.

Edited By Roger B on 24/02/2010 18:50:37

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