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Idiot 'experts'

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Alan Holtham09/02/2010 21:08:03
8 forum posts
Just occasionally, no actually quite often these days, you see so called experts making a major cock-up on what should be a very simple job. What is worse is when it is featured in all its glory in a magazine! Even worse is that sometimes nobody even notices.
So I have a little competition for you. Can you spot the howler by one of these 'experts', (mentioning no names!) who should know better in the latest edition of The Woodworker. First one to spot it wins my prize of a Veritas spokeshave kit, but you also have to make me him feel better by coming clean about one of your own stupid mistakes.
Happy reading, you shouldn't have to look too hard!
Sparky09/02/2010 21:19:45
7631 forum posts
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Erm, you, the braces on the shed I near?
I made a door upside down too once.......and it fit!
Doug09/02/2010 21:30:17
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Don`t worry Alan,  it`s not like it`s on the front cover or anything   lol
As me dad said  "he who never made a mistake, never made anything" 
Sparky09/02/2010 21:33:43
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Very true Baz's dad
If we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't learn anything.......well, except to moan about it
Doug09/02/2010 21:50:10
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Just nicer to make the mistakes in the confines of your own shop & not in the public arena.
Sparky09/02/2010 21:57:01
7631 forum posts
22 photos
I wonder if he will remedy the mistake for the show?
I think its adds character!
Alan Holtham09/02/2010 22:27:24
8 forum posts
oh dear, that was quick, I had hoped nobody would notice!  (dream on)
In my defence, your honour, I would add that we were up against a very tight timescale with copy dates to complete this shed due to the bad weather and had to do a very quick mock up for the front cover. As it was snowing, I couldn't get the shed out from under cover to get the correct angle for the shot, I just temporarily screwed the door in place on the 'wrong' side so I could take the shot from the left, without thinking that it was then reversed as regards the braces. A stupid mistake which I realised when I came to fit the door properly, and the editor had given me a ticking off! But by then it was too late. At that stage you'll see that fortunately I had not cut the locks into the actual door, but it is actually now fitted properly. Anyway that my excuse!!
What is worse is that I did actually do the same thing but  for real in another magazine not that long ago. Will I never learn?
Noone will ever know by Show day, well only about 10,000 people.
Marc pm me with your address and I'll send you your fabulous prize!
Its been one of those weeks, just depth variable!
Best regards to all, keep those cock-ups coming,
Sparky09/02/2010 22:46:32
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Alan
With all that's going on I'm not surprised you had a few hiccups.......still all done now for one lucky winner and with those fantastic prizes..
I'm sure not all the 10,000 people will goad you about it.....well, not many anyway

Certainly a sign of over work though..........time for a beer

Thanks very much my friend.

Delete10/02/2010 00:26:18
575 forum posts
If I can come clean on a misteak. A couple of years ago I was doing some PAT testing for a firm nearby. I was working at a transport company . I found a Paper SHredder  that was faulty so wen to cut the plug off.  I then moved on to test something else only to realise the plug I had cut off was on the tester not he Shredder. I still haven't lived that one down.
Sparky10/02/2010 00:28:34
7631 forum posts
22 photos

sad sam10/02/2010 10:28:23
609 forum posts
251 photos
hi all
heres my howler 
i was given a job to mark and cut out a large diameter circle out of 20mm thick steel
i had to hand burn it on site so we set it on packing obout a foot of the ground and i climbed on and cut it out leaving an inch stitch every couple of foot when done i then got on and cut the stitches the circle fell out with me on top of it i was really pleased i was a mere foot of the ground
Sparky10/02/2010 12:25:50
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Ouch Robby!..........that's almost like cutting the branch off a tree while sitting on it or leaning the ladder against it
I once had to grind the ends on 5 inch pipes inside a reactor cooling section, ready for the welder to attach the new pipes........the room was about 30 foot wide x 5 foot high dome with 100 odd pipes coming up from the floor to the ceiling
I was quite happy on my knees grinding away with my ear defenders, goggles and face mask on going about my business until I had a tap on the shoulder, I stopped grinding and looked at the person only to hear him say my crouch was on fire!
Luckily only burnt through my overalls and scorched my jeans.......another 5 minutes and I would of had roasted nuts! 
George Arnold10/02/2010 16:57:34
1834 forum posts
191 photos
In my youth I worked on the land , one day I was drilling a field of mangold with a four row tractor mounted drill, on each side of the drill was a marker that you lowered to show you where to drive to keep the spacing between the rows of four even, I got to the end , to turn round and return across the field only to find I had not put down the marker!
The trouble is the mistake does not show up untill the crops grow, it can then be seen every day untill the crop has been harvested.
Enjoy your prize Sparky, glad you had no side affects from the fire, do you remember we had along discussion about which way braces should be, when Mark Garnham was a regular contributor, He's probably loafing about in some far distant land with his Mark4 car top tent.
Sparky10/02/2010 17:19:58
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi George
Now that would of been funny to see........crops circles?? just George drilling!

George, it was Mike not Mark, he does 'sometimes' frequent the site to learn things
Loafing in Africa with the cheetahs no doubt mate.....

Olly Parry-Jones10/02/2010 19:28:38
2776 forum posts
636 photos
This thread is great!
I did something this morning that I've never done before... I was cutting some 12mm MDF for job. After drawing up a cutting list, I cut two pieces for the top and base and put them to one side on my bench, while I checked the dimensions for the back and sides... Without even realising it, I picked up those two boards I'd just cut and fed them back through the saw!!
I spent the next half-hour turning the workshop upside-down, trying to find the top and base, before I realised what I had done!!
When I sliced my thumb open last week, I reckon I lost more than a load of blood, with the way I've been lately...!

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