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UPS Virus

Warning to those not already aware

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Oddjob18/01/2010 13:26:37
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My old BTinternet email address, unused by me for about two years, has received an email purporting to be from UPS Tracking.  It told me that there was a parcel that couldn't be delivered to me due to a wrong adddress and that I should open and print the attachment to take to the local office.  Knowing that I have no delivery outstanding I was highly suspicious so did not open the attachment and deleted the email.  I Googled 'UPS tracking' and found that the attachment did indeed carry a very nasty virus - no surprise there then!
Apparently this scam/virus has been around for some time but as I hadn't previously coma accross it I thought that some members here might also be unaware.  Forwarned is for-armed!  Don't let it catch you.
Joe O 318/01/2010 14:30:06
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Thank you for the warning Richard.
George Arnold18/01/2010 15:44:38
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 Richard Thanks for that warning, it makes you wonder why people have to create the the first place.
Sparky18/01/2010 16:02:52
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Thanks for the heads up Richard.
Did you report it to BT?
They can trace the email
Ron Davis18/01/2010 16:16:10
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When I get a dodgy email, usually asking me to update my bank details with a bank I do no use, I forward it to the bank, just google the name of the bank and use their website and there is an email address somewhere usually named spoofemail or similar. Forward the email to that address and delete it and runa full virus scan,
Sorry to shout
Sparky18/01/2010 16:53:51
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No bank will ask for account numbers, addresses or passwords through an email.
If you ever get one asking, do as Ron mentioned, DELETE WITHOUT OPENING!!
One piece of software can aid this problem, its called Mailwasher made by  Firetrust, website  >> Found here << , You can open the email at your server and check before it even gets to your computer.
I've used it for years and only had 2 viral emails. ( was my fault due to not using it first, just opened up Outlook express! ).

They are doing a free 30 day fully working trial if you want to try it out.

(No, not working for company )

Edited By sparky on 18/01/2010 16:55:20

Delete18/01/2010 17:51:51
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I keep on geting these emails. I just delete them It cant be from my bank as I dont have one. 18 months ago I went Bust so gave up any Bank account. Although very tempted I have resisted to give them my old credit card details. Halifax and BOS caused me a lot of anguish on top of my own stupidity I just feel it would be nice to get a little of my own back on them . No I must not think like that naughty naughty.
On antivirus I use Avast its free for home use and appears very good. It has picked up a couple of potential atacks with no damadge.
Andy King19/01/2010 12:19:25
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Ah if only this thread was up a week earlier!
My work laptop has been at the repair place so i've had to access via a web server for email etc on my home PC.
Included amongst them was the UPS one, and I get a lot of stuff sent to me, including deleiveries by them. Normally a card is left if i'm not around, but I have had an email occasionally to say there's import duty to pay etc, so I opened it...
Completely spannered my home PC in a matter of seconds!
I actually ran my virus checker before i opened it (I use the AVGFree one and its usually brilliant) but this time it said it was safe.
It then picked it up as a threat as soon as I opened it with all sorts of problems as it was writing itself to the registry etc.
Running a scan immedietly, AVG picked up the problems, quarantined and deleted them and I hoped dealt with them, but on reboot, it all kicked off again, so I was back to square one.
Luckily I managed to salvage a lot of the stuff I had been working on for the mag as I had backed it up to a memory stick a day or so before, but I did lose some stuff so I've had to do it all again, which is frustrating to say the least!
Not being the most computer literate when it comes to viruses and dealing with them, rather than try and get it sorted with a virus checker, I gave up, and reformatted the drive and did a fresh install.
I'm VERY careful now as to what I open!
 A week later, all seems good, and a bonus, just checked my bank account to see if they managed to gain access and it looks like they felt sorry for me and saw I had no money and put 500 quid in!
If only!!!
Sparky19/01/2010 15:34:22
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Andy, you can count yourself very lucky then, not having your bank touched......sadly most of your information on your computer is on someone else's and they have the pleasure of reading everything.
Perhaps I'm over cautious and have2 running spy sweepers and one to run when I want, 2 firewalls, 2 anti virus, 1 identity theft protection and a privacy manager.
Its OK having all of this but it does slow down the computer.
All I can say is to make sure you have all the updated software, don't have it for every week but, every day as these viruses are out every day.
AVG has the free version number 9 now >> here is a link <<  if you havent got it already.
It pays to back up your most important files to disc or another hard drive (or both) and update them reguraly.
All fun at the fair!!
Oddjob19/01/2010 16:42:48
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Marc says:
......sadly most of your information on your computer is on someone else's and they have the pleasure of reading everything
You're a little confused there Marc.  Having 'caught' a virus does not mean that your information has been downloaded nor even read by someone else.  A virus is a piece of malicious software that interferes with your own software and disrupts your computer files and operating system.  It is hackers that steal your bank and other details.  Anti-virus does not stop hackers but firewalls and other defences may stop them.
I feel sure that Andy's confidential data is quite safe - from his recent virus attack anyway.
Sparky19/01/2010 17:18:39
7631 forum posts
22 photos
The UPS virus and others deliver a dialer/fraud virus and that is what downloads all of your files before you know it.
Yes your right, many viruses are chaotic viruses which makes control of your computer very difficult and many rewrite the software rendering it useless.
Lets hope your right

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