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Alan T.16/01/2010 09:59:15
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Hello Ben.
                    A friend who has some computer skills told me to use Google Chrome as an alternative to I.E. It does work faster with no obvious disadvantages that I can see and it's free.  Cheers  Alan T. 
Delete16/01/2010 10:36:36
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I use I.E. I have a reasonable speed machine and the access to this site and others could not realy be faster. Whilst Alan T's friend may be corect in principal, there are other factors which slow down a machine, besides the obvious processor speed. For instance RAM size is one factor. The cheapest way to speed up a machine is  to increase the size of the RAM.
Another thing which slows down machines is too many small programmes running and being loaded on boot up. As time goes by people often install new software. Over a period of time this can swamp the machine making it slower to start up and slower to operate.
Having never bought a ready built computer, I always buy the bits and pieces I need and put my machines together myself. Thus the software build is under my control. Once the machine is configured as I want it I make a Ghost Image of the C: drive. Then in the future if I have a problem I restore the Ghost Image and the machine is back to square one and running as it should.
Too often people play around with things they dont realy understand and wonder why things go legs up.
Whilst on the subject. I think the best anti virus is a pair of wire cutters. A machine not connected to the outside world is less likeley to be infected with Malware. If you use a machine for creating designs etc. use a second machne for your email. I have three machines in front of me. One for editing Video. One for Digitising Designs and one for the Internet. All three machines operate a speeds suitable for their use. They all have their own display but share one keyboard and mouse. Two are on an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS)
I would not claim never to have a problem but when I do it can be sorted in a short time, usually within an Hour.
Julian16/01/2010 11:20:27
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Looks like we have found a person to answer all of our computer needs as well as our Woodworking needs in Roger.  All he says is good advice paticularly the memory issue, you find a lot of PCs that are a year or so old have less that 512Mb installed which is the optimum for windows XP. If you are running Vista of even moreso Windows 7 you need 3Gb for it to work at it's maximum potential and a good chunk of Hard Disk for vitual memory. I do a bit of internet banking and my bank has given Mcaffe as a free product with it's services and touch wood I have never had an incident. As Roger says windows will never dump the content of it's files after you uninstall software all it will do is remove the links to then in the system registry. The .DLL files will just keep getting bigger and bigger and the machine slower and slower so yes a Ghost image is a very good idea. I keep all my files on a separate drive backed up every week so that if I ever have a crash the Ghost can be restored and I just load the additional software packages as and when I need them, sometime I never do so they are never reinstalled.
Anyway nothing to do with the hobby so I will end it there but just also think about putting two sreens on the machine ! a massive improvement.
Big Al17/01/2010 08:52:51
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Personally I have a mac running OSX 10.5.8, and I surf the web using safari, with no problems with access speeds on the majority of web sites that I visit. The only site I have any slow down with is evony, which is an online strategy game, and that is only on one server which is due to the amount of people using that server.
At work we use a PC running IE 7 or 8, and it is a lot slower than what I am used to, the main problem with speed that I can see is that it uses a phishing filter every time you go onto a web page.
Alan T.17/01/2010 10:14:53
1033 forum posts
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Hello Roger Julian and Al,
                                               I seem to have opened a right can of worms. Since I know precious little about computers and their operation, I would not dream of contradicting anything you have said. The fact remains though that on many occasions I have suffered laboriously slow access to many sites including this one, and a quick return to the desk top and a click on Google Chrome has improved the speed significantly. Presumably the same small programmes that impede I.E are still in existence but inexplicably don't seem to affect G C. I just offered it in the spirit of helping other users suffering the same difficulties.  Cheers   Alan T 

Edited By Alan T. on 17/01/2010 10:16:03

Julian17/01/2010 12:27:17
556 forum posts
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   Google Chrome and Firefox are separate applications to Internet Explorer so don't suffer from the clogging effect that IE does being an ebbeded package. I have never used either but know others that use nothing else for the precise reason that you do. If it works and I know that both are gaining rapidly in popularity then I guess that must be fine.
I am by no means an expert but just an old hat that has been around a long time.
Delete17/01/2010 21:31:48
575 forum posts
Hi Alan
What you said makes sense. I see the German authorities are advising the use of G C not for speed but because they believe IE is open to malware attacks. THis may or may not be the case. I would not wish to debate that subject.
What I will say I have not bothered with Vista, and so far I have not considered Windows 7.  I have three machines here running XP all are licensed (not multi instalations) It would be too expensive to switch all the machines over. SWMBO has a laptop with XP and we have a Notebook for when travelling also with XP.
One point about memory. If you have a graphics card with memory on it that memory can grab the processor and in efect disable some of the memory installed on the Motherboard. So if for instance the Operating system can address 4 gigs it may only be using 3 gigs. Please dont quote these figures they are only used for illustration.
I am no expert I only know what I have picked up using computers as a tool since 1971 and building my own machines since 1988. Things have changed a lot and now are changing too rapidly for my liking.

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