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Anyone else snowed in?

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Sparky15/01/2010 17:23:04
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Our council had 120 farmers out clearing roads along with their gritters and show ploughs.
What I thought was amusing was the government stopping the salt/grit going to Germany from our mine and to resupply the councils hardest why isn't there some council land not full with the salt/grit just in case?? .........with all our money we pay to the councils going to Iceland, you would of thought there keep some behind to buy what is needed!
Still, balmy for this time of year which is also unusual.........perhaps they should start filling up the swimming pools!
Ron Davis15/01/2010 19:35:07
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They have put so muchsalt down, the water companies are worried that the run off will harm the fish in the rivers, nt always as simple as it seems.
Like for example, they were impoting salt from Germany, someone in my area had the notion of stopping an export of salt to, you guessed it, Germany. so sort the logic in that one
George Arnold15/01/2010 20:13:11
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Of course there is another downside of all this salt, the reaction it has on you cars metal parts,
Delete15/01/2010 23:04:25
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The answer to the Salt on the underside of the car is as follows. I used this method many years ago. My neighbours thought I was Mad.
Tahe the garden Sprinkler and place on the road. Connect hose and turn it on. Now drive the car up and down over the Sprinlker. This will wash the salt away.
As I said earlier it may get you taken away my the men in white coats, but it does work.

Sparky15/01/2010 23:06:48
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What a great idea!
I'll get the wife to hold ours as we don't have a stand

Delete16/01/2010 10:51:18
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What we should all remember about the weather is this.
Our Weather is generated by heat, the source of heat is the Sun. The more Heat / energy the more energy / violence that can get put into the Weather systems. We are at the moment seeing some weather lhe likes of which we have not seen for some years.
It is winter and we should not be surprised at having Snow and Frost.
Snow ploughs located with Farmers should be all over the country not just in odd counties.  A snow plough to fit on a tractor is a low cost alternative to a Grit lorry with a plough fitting on the front.
Here in Devon we have had Farmers ditching 1000 gallons of milk a day because the tankers are unable to get to the farms. If the farmer had a plough he / she could get the road clear and keep the tankers moving and their product moving to market.  Without incentive some councils will do nothing. If the farms were to be allowed to deduct the loss of revenue from their Council tax ( it would require legislation) the councils would have a serious think about what to do.
I hope all of you who have had problems with the Snow are starting to get back to more normal conditions.
Oddjob16/01/2010 16:38:59
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Griting salt (a mined, unpurified, natural mix of salt, sand and silt) is imported into East Anglia (and other areas) by sea sometimes because it can be cheaper than transporting it from Cheshire by road - fact!  The 12,000 tonnes of salt destined for Germany was refined salt - not really suitable (and too expensive) for roads until blended with sand and grit.  It was diverted because it was all that was readily available at the time and when mixed with sand and grit would result in 50,000 to 60,000 tonnes of road salt.
The worst thing about the snow in this country is the wingeing about it!  It is winter, we can reasonably expect some snow - nothing new in that.  We just have to live with the inconvenience it causes.
Our councils are blamed for not having enough grit, men or machinery to keep the roads clear for the infrequent years when parts of the country get a hard winter.  If they made provision for a hard winter every year they would be pilloried over the costs in the years when the snow didn't happen.  If they under-provide they are pilloried.  It is sadly a no win situation.  Accept the inconvenience or pay for the comfort - which do you want?
Doug16/01/2010 17:09:33
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I don`t think the "wingeing" is misplaced.
Snow ploughing could quite easily be subbed out, so other than having a prepared list of sub-contractors, no expense is necessary.
As for the road salt, it is just wishful thinking on the councils part that they will get by on what they`ve got, rather than invest in stock pilling some.
I am quite happy to accept that having expensive provisions for situations that don`t happen often, is not what i want my council tax spent on.
But i really don`t see how gritting & snow ploughing fall into this category.
Finally, the council lads i saw throwing salt from the back of a wagon, were from the parks devision, i applaud the councils effort at re-directing man power to the clearing of pavements. My only question is why did it take a week for this to happen, it`s not rocket science to just have a contingency plan.
Ron Davis16/01/2010 18:55:33
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Yeah, we moan abbout the council tax and moan about the leack of provision for clearing the roads, the councils cannot winn. Our local BBC tv news was complaining that the potho;e were no filled in, even before the thaw set in, at the same time as complaining abot the lack of gritters. I try not to be influenced by the media, as they do present a lopsided picture at times.
Delete16/01/2010 19:25:13
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Sub contractors dont work for nothing. They would have to be paid. That would impact on the Council Tax. Locating Tractor mounted ploughs with Farmers in Potential White Spots would cost very little per year. The plough would have to be bought and then some extras bought each year untill the numbers are as required.
If one county can do it then all can
George Arnold16/01/2010 21:40:37
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Baz you started something when you got snowed in, there is no doubt in my mind that the media makes the situation  look worse, constantly commenting on the negative ,
 But our small problem with a bit of snow, pales into insignificance against the terrible natural disaster that has struck  Haiti, the talk of 200.000 deaths is hard to imagine, no doubt there will be criticism of the authorities on how they react in supplying aid and assistance to the victims.
 Looking at all the post on the snow subject, I think most people have much the same interpritation of the needs , and answers that should be put in place, I have lived through eighty winters and I bet every winter has had the same problem, this country never has recognised that the winters get cold, look how long it has taken us to build houses to withstand the winter, instead of building for  a moderate climate.
When I was a lad we had no problem with the central heating boiler, we never had central heating,we walked to school 2/12 miles, we where not allowed in untill the whistle blew, no matter what the weather i could go on but thats enough" wingeing".

Edited By George Arnold on 16/01/2010 21:41:59

George Arnold19/01/2010 19:56:39
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Hope you are all prepared for the next lot of snow, shovels in the boot ,blankets . a hot drink. some buscuits and chocolate, just in case you get stuck down some untreated road, for several hours, or you can stay at home.
 Ps mind the pot holes
George Arnold20/01/2010 19:46:57
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I thought you would like this from the papers
 Farmers in Lancshire where Banned from clearing snow during the big freeze  because they did nor have Health and Safety qualifications. County council officials  ordered them to stop saying they  needed an NVQ .
 One farmer said we have cleared the snow for decades. Villagers where cut of  for  weeks.
 Lancashire County Council did a  U turn last night saying it was over-zealous staff that issued the orders...
Toothy21/01/2010 17:00:55
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Hi Ron
Today was a cooler 32 C but we have had some really good weather lately with temps in the mid 20's and some light rain.
As for the required liquid:  Water  but at times with added and fermented malt & hops. A G&T goes down well at sunset. No mid afternoon break is complete without a mug of Mocha Java though
Heres to hoping no one has a motoring mishap and all are soon back in their workshops
Ron Davis21/01/2010 19:28:59
1619 forum posts
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Fed up with the snow? Bins not emptied? Latest news, councils are having to make staff redundant to pay for the bank bail out, how many top officials will get the chop and how many bin men?

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